Oct. 7th, 2007

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What do you think of these names for girls.


I know Luca is traditionally a boys name and Avery is unisex...but wdyt of them in general...and for a girl
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Birth Announcements from my local newspaper

Shayna Lynn
Madison Bess
Chloe Alexis Paige
Brolyne Lady Marion Audry
Tiaunna Marygail
Shaydence Casey Annette
Breann Betsy
Frances Harmoney
Sarah Emily Anne August
Alina Rose
Carleen Jordana
Sage Gianna Jaimes
Kailyn Emma
Channell-Cheryl-CJ (I am not sure but I'm hoping the -s were typos by the newspaper..)
Mallorie Denae
Arya Frances Catharine
Jayda Leigha

Vernon Joseph
Logan Journey Davis
Jacob Nathan Daniel
Rahvyn Vernon Adam
Tito Julian Joseph
Orin Arthur Wade
Cleveland Jamie
Christian Nadal
Logan William Ben Victor
William Antonia Peter
Tyrome Moses
Matthew Wade
Tyrell Kendall George

I don't know what to say about some of these..

p.s This is my first post, I hope I did it right.


Oct. 7th, 2007 03:12 am
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I read a short story a while ago and the main character was a boy named Irish
I think it's cool although I don't know if I'd ever use it.

I watched a documentary once (My Life As A Child on TLC) and there was a girl named Rio.
I think that's a really cute name as well.

And do you think the name Cass (not short for anything) could ever pass for a boy's name?
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Well for now my husband has decided on Layla Jane, but I don't know why it just doesn't grab me. I need a little input.

I am looking for cute, unique, without getting crazy. I'm okay with somewhat trendy or traditional. I already picked Cayden and Connor for my boys... turns out both names were top 10 choices for 2006 in boys. (I didn't know.) Anyway... I want something a little less popular, but if I really like it then it's fine.

Here is my list I guess:
Layla Jane
Regan Bella
Francesca (only because I think Frankie is cute!)
Ava Lynn
Macy or Macie (what middle name?) Hmmm I like Macy Jane and MJ for a nickname.
Cassandra (I like Cassie, my husband hates it so I guess it's out)
Roxy (not Roxanne)
Georgia (I like Georgie)

I don't know... I'm at a loss for girls name, as you can see I need help. LOL!
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I was watching The Lorax yesterday, and while the credits were scrolling by, I was reading some of the names. And I came across a combination I haven't heard before, but I now really like. Dean Elliot. I don't like Dean normally, I think of Supernatural and cowboys. Elliot I'm not normally fond of either, because it reminds me of L&O SVU. But together, I really like them. What do you guys think? And have you ever had two names that you don't like seperately, but together it just works for some reason?
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As I was lamenting over my precious Tiger's loss to VA Tech yesterday, I realized I really like one of the players names:


I'm having a terrible time coming up with boys names, so it's a big deal when anything gets my attention. (I hope this kid is a girl, for it's sake). We wouldn't be able to use Calvin as a middle name like we were planning on before..(shame, this was my husbands request to honor his late grandfather. The sentiment is sweet, but I really hate the name). I don't understand why all the names I like begin with C, either. It's not intentional, it just ends up that way. I have a 6 year old Corbin, Charis or Kaida (a C sound) are the top girls names for us right now, and now Cullen. Usually I don't really care about 'sib sets' or how two names go together, but I also don't want to end up with 2 or three kids, all with "C" names, and have someone think it's an intentional trend. IMO, it's kinda tacky when people plan it out like that. Maybe I'm over thinking?

Anyway, thoughts or opinions on Cullen, middle names, and/or a "C" trend?


Oct. 7th, 2007 12:33 pm
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What do you all think of the name Skaie?
I know a [horrid] girl by this name, which probably makes me hate it more.
Regardless, I still hate it. I hate the spelling [I want to pronounce it Skay].

It's pronounced exactly like the word 'Sky'.

I thought I would ask because I had never seen this name before, not until I met said horrid girl.
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Danielle Yvonne Marie
Kaelyn Jade
Ellison Averie
Juliana Carmella
Nicholas Brian
Jakob Roylee
Dylan Alexander
Nevaeh Fawn
Jayden Dean
Kyle Dean
Alexandra T
Yudith Monserrat
Armando Gahel
Leah Anne
Logan Anthony Barcelona
Jayleesa Rayal
Kennedy Ann
Abigail Violet
October Faith
Sabrina Star
Khylie Aubry Renee

I like Kennedy a lot. I'm sick of seeing Nevaeh, and I really don't know how to pronounce it. Abigail is a classic I like, I like Abby. October is neat, I wanted to use August. Sabrina is pretty. I like Kaelyn, and Ellison is neat. (I'm a fan of Elle or Ella)

Side note: I like the name Aurora, because I like Rory. I'm big on nicknames.
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Because these are so much fun, here are yesterdays birth announcements [Australia, if you were wondering]


Evelina Amy
Charlotte Renee [Lachlan]
Torah Chai [Caden] - Like Norah? And Chai as in tea???
Madeleine Elizabeth [Caitlin, Joshua]
Kaicey Jaye [Tayla, Shanaye] - All of these burn my eyes
Jayde Alana [Madison, Kyra]
Ava Grace - Almost certain I saw an Ava Grace last week..
Kate Sybella [Tom, Wil]
Hannah Grace [Jack]
Jamison Ivy [Charlotte, Campbell]
Twins - Charley James + Bella Renee [Lilli]
Lillie Mia
Isabel Kate

Will Hilton [Max]
Nate William [Mason]
Jackson Ethan
Will Jackson [Tayla] - TWO kids named Tayla!?!
Cooper Robert [Shelby]


Oct. 7th, 2007 02:05 pm
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Sorry my husband and kids are napping, so I'm bored!

My sister is Kimberlyn Johanna. WDYT?
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Alexa or Alana?
Nicknames would be Lexie and Lana.
I slightly prefer the name Alana over Alexa, but i love the nickname Lexie a little more than Lana.

So which would you choose, and why?


Oct. 7th, 2007 03:20 pm
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I grew up with a boy named Raimey.
His mom was named Rozmee.

What do you guys think?
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Okay, so I'm the one whose husband likes Layla Jane. One, because he loves Eric Clapton, and two, because he is big on nicknames/initials and likes LJ as one (he's not aware of livejournal). I think the name Layla is beautiful, but as I mentioned in my post earlier today it doesn't grab me, and it's getting increasingly popular. Looking through my baby name book, I think I found a compromise, something that grabs me, is pretty, feminine, not used too often, but traditional, and will still have the same initials. Lydia and still use Jane, as both my husband and I like Jane as a middle name. Now, some of you may think it's hideous, but I think it's very pretty, not common, and perfect for a baby and an adult. Opinions welcome, and appreciated, but I think I am set on it. My husband is at work, so I don't know what he thinks, but I am PRAYING he likes it. Lydia Jane Martin. WDYT?

x-posted to my own journal.
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We've been thinking about trying to have another baby sometime in the next year or so and naturally I began thinking about names. I didn't plan on using this as first because I don't think it goes overly well with my son's name, but its been growing on me. What do you all think of Cameron Wade? Does it scream "trendy"?
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Celeb baby/kid names from Celebrity-babies.com

Justin Chambers (from Grey's Anatomy): Isabella, Maya and Kaila (twins), Eva, Jackson

Tiger Woods: Sam Alexis

Donald Trump: Barron William (suuuch a cute little boy, btw)

Adam Sandler: Sadie Madison

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Violet Anne

Jason Bateman: Francesca Nora

Jamie Pressley: Dezi James

Jennie Garth: Luca Belle, Lola Ray, Fiona Eve

Melissa Ethridge: Johnny Rose, Miller Steven

Kathryn Erbe (Law & Order:SVU): Carson Lincoln, Maeve Elsbeth

Rachel Griffiths: Banjo Patrick, Adelaide Rose

Charlotte Chruch: Ruby Megan

Kevin Costner: Cayden Wyatt

Marcia Cross: Eden & Savannah

Oliver Hudson (Kate's brother): Wilder Brooks

I think Dezi is a cute boy name.
I don't think Ruby Megan flows well.
I think Jennie Garth's girl's names are all really cute and go well together.
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I found this today, and am a bit disturbed.

Ann Landers and the original "Dear Abby" are twin sisters, and their real names are: Esther Pauline and Pauline Esther.

Why would parents EVER do this to their children? Just because they're twins does NOT mean it is acceptable. It's like they only liked the two names, and couldn't decide on a middle name for either, so just stuck 'em together and switched them around. 


Oct. 7th, 2007 10:26 pm
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What do you think of the names Bristol and Camden? Boy or girl?
I see the latter more suited to be a middle name, but not together.
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