Nov. 28th, 2007

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So the NHL has players from all different kinds of background with some pretty crazy surnames, but I was going through and looking and there's quite a few interesting first names as well.

Jiri (Year-ee)
Milan (Mee-lahn)

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Irish names

What do you think?
And please let me know which spelling you think is best for each name. I live outside of New York City so these are not common here at all. If you can think of any other spellings please let me know

Aoife  (pn Ee-fa)
Aislin / Ashling / Aislinn (pn Ash-ling)
Caoilainn / Kalin / Kaelynn ( pn Kay-lin)
Caoimhe / Keeva (pn Kee-va)
Cara / Kara (pn Car-ah)
Ciara / Keera / Kira / Keira / Kiera (pn Kee-rah)
Eibhleann / Avelyn / Avelin (pn Ave-linn)
Fiona (pn Fee-ona)
Kaitlyn / Katelynn / Kaitlin (pn Kate-lynn)
Neala / Neila (pn Nee-la)
Niamh / Neve / Nieve (pn Neev)
Ruari / Rory / Rori (Ror-ree)
Siobhan (Shiv-aun)

Aiden / Aeden (pn aid-an)
Braden (bray-den)
Cian / Kian (Key-in)
Eamon / Eamonn (Aye-min)
Seamus (Shay-mus)
Tadhg / Tighe (pn Ti-gue tiger without the er)
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So, when my mom was driving me home for Thanksgiving last week, I asked about her coworker, George, who is currently in the process of adopting his niece, who is about 6 months I believe.  I thought his niece was named Savannah because that is what my mom told me last month, well, apparently the little girl is actually named Virginia, which I think might be George's recently deceased mother's name, I might be making that up which is quite possible with me.  There is a Savannah in this situation though, she is, if I remember correctly, the daughter of George's girlfriend.

So what do you think of the names George, Virginia and Savannah?

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1. what do you think of the name?

2. which spelling do you prefer?

3. what nickname would you use?

my thoughts:

1. i kinda like it.. wouldn't use it.. but it's pretty..
2. i prefer Bridgette
3. Gigi
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 Paxton, for a girl or boy?

I really like it for both sexes. It a strong, intellectual name to me. I like the different nicknames I can think of that would go along with it but I can't think of many.I would seriously consider using it for a future child though. Your thoughts?
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The Dilleys were featured on Yahoo! so I thought I'd post their names. I'd say for the early nineties, these names are pretty unique.


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I went to a sixth grade class today for my teacher training stuff. The kids are 11 and 12 and they all had pretty normal names, with normal spellings.
Taylor (f)
Morgan (f)
And then there are two with more... odd names. At least not ones i had heard before:

Dallin (a like apple)

Not the most horrid i have ever heard, but still... different.

I have recently become quite fond of the name Maren (pn like Karen) for a girl... it's a co-worker's daughter's name, so i don't want to use it, but i think it's cute.
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Names I'm digging for a girl:

For middle names: Emily, Elizabeth, Audrey (good classy family names)

For boys: it'll probably be Bennett

My husband LOVES Madeline for a girl, which I also like, but I'm not feeling it for my own.

What do you think?
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Yesterday at work, I came across twins named Brayden and Caden, and triplets named Addison, Aidan, and Averie. It was too much trendy for one room. It kinda spoiled some names that I didn't really hate all that much before but seeing them all at once was too much!!
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Out of nowhere the other day i thought of the name Bisette.
I was wondering what you think of it & if you have heard it before as a first name.
I have searched and i haven't been able to find it nor its meaning.

My fiance doesn't care for it but then again he likes Charlie & James for girls names.
[cute but not for my kid]

I swear picking out a name that i like is hard enough but then finding one we both agree on is a whole other story. I think i will just buy him a dog so he can name that and i get the baby.
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Hi everyone,

Three of my closest friends have had babies in the past couple of weeks. Including 2 born on the same day (yesterday). They all had girls.
There names are: Kaitlin Lily (Her older sister is Amelia Victoria)
                                  Neve Leala (Pr Neeve Leela)
                                  Anna Lucinda.

Knowing the kind of names Kaitlin's mum likes I have to say I think both Kaitlin and Amelia were lucky. Anna is okay but to be frank I think that Neve Leala looks and sounds like a hookers name!

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 What do you think of the names Brigitta and Concetta?

The post about Bridget reminded me of the name Brigitta... but the man and I are debating over how to pronounce it. I say bree-GE-tah, but he says bri-GI-tah. How would would YOU say it?

And Concetta, which is pronounced con-chetta, is a nice option for us (mainly as a middle name). It has a lovely background/meaning as well: Derived from concepta of the Latin verb concipere (concepire in Italian), and meaning "conceived without the stain of original sin."  As in, the Virgin Mary.

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We went out to eat tonight, and our waitress' name was...



I really dislike it.  It made me think of a starfish when I heard it.
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What do you think of the name Linnaea?

I had a dream about two years ago that my then-newly-married brother-in-law and sister-in-law had a baby girl, and named her Linnaea.  Not prophetic, because when they had a baby they had a boy (Oliver, now almost four months old), but still.  I have no idea where my brain got the name from.

I like it a bit.  Maybe not enough to saddle a child with it... although maybe.  A middle name?  WDYT?


Nov. 28th, 2007 08:19 pm
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What do yall think of Vera?

I am becoming more and more fond of it.
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I was hoping you guys could help me with a sib set. I have three rats, two that I adopted together and a third I just had join the group recently. Bella's name came easily, she's very dainty and sweet. Victoria's name came because of her markings, reminding me of Vincent who I lost recently and quite suddenly. The name's not the same, but still there to honor him. The third is nameless. She's an albino female rat. She's skiddish, cautious, and jumpy. Since she came with Vicky, she hangs out with her more than Bella. Any suggestions to make it a good group?

And just to show off my odd naming skills, I figured I would list everybody else. I've listed what they are, if they're not a male rat.
Little One, black and white female cat
Loki, gray female cat
Cin, cinnamon male hamster
Hike, male chinchilla
LSs (LS1, LS2. Little Shits because they are double trouble lookalike rats)
Flip Kennedy, male guinea pig (I'm just babysitting him for a friend)
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Anyone else here gravitate toward names that begin with or contain a certain letter of the alphabet? I've noticed a lot of things about my own naming habits, thanks to all the name games (I'm a total sucker for the games). It isn't always apparent from my favorites list, but when the games ask for a bunch of names starting with a particular letter, I have my tried-&-true sources. I usually turn to A for boy names, & I can come up w/ a pretty satisfactory V or L list for girls. But really, the winner by a landslide is good ol' R.

I can come up w/ more R names that I like than any other letter, & it goes for both sexes. Plus, a decent amount of my other favorite names contain R. I guess I just like that R sound - to me, it flows.

So, what letter overwhelmingly pops up on your name list? Give a sample of some of your favorite names beginning with that letter. =)

My love affair with R )
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