Nov. 19th, 2007

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Rosalind / Rosalinde
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 So who else hates it when people pronounce "Jacob"  "JAY-CUP!?!" seriously, there is no U or P in the name. 
i used to babysit a little girl named Thomasson. Her sisters were Anna and Annetta Glynn (who went by Glynn). Also, i know a woman named Karma and another named Mirth. My friend's cousin's name is Elvira. I think that is an utterly horrible name, but maybe my thinking is tainted from Animaniacs Cartoons. One of my other friends knows someone named Tikvuh. huh?
Here's a family with 11 kids, and they have pretty decent names

Another family with 8 kids
Trina Dee (Trinity)
The oldest is 29 and the youngest is 6. wow.

And a family with 5 girls
Dana Kay (pn. Danna)
Candy Lee (Candy is her full name)
Lacey Dawn
Keri Ann (her mom didn't know what to name her, then she saw a bottle of Keri lotion... I'm not even kidding.)
Danielle Lenae

My friend's dad wanted to name her after his father whose name was Glen. He came up with Glendy Ann. She ended up with Rebecca Dawn.
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We find out next week if we're having a boy or a girl. I'm really excited but having a hard time with names. My brother in law just passed away in July and I'm actually due a few days after his birthday. His name was Nathan and for a girl, we've decided on the name Natalie. It's a feminine version of Nathan and it means "birth day" so it's pretty perfect.

As for a boy...we're having some issues. We had our sons name picked out FOREVER and I guess we're spent on boy names haha.

We liked Derek at first (after the main character in American History X.) That character reminds us of his brother in SO many ways (jail, skinhead, then reformed into a good guy) but now we don't really LOVE that...

Then I thought when he was going to have a baby with his ex-wife they picked out the name Caleb if it was a boy...the baby never happened though and so I wondered if it would be wrong to take that name... plus my husband wants to spell it with a K because he is Kyle, his mom is Kathy, and our son is Kade and I HATE when people do that.

So, what do you think? Is it appropriate, should I ask my MIL and see if she cares/thinks it's a poor choice?

Thank you.


Nov. 19th, 2007 11:36 am
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It's my dear friends name. She passed away recently. No, I won't be hurt if you don't like the name... her last name was Pippins and I called her Pips or Pippy anyway.

So, really, WDYT?

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I've noticed that Americans (generalization alert!) pronounce the name Craig 'CREG', in other words, like Greg with a c. Why? It drives me up the wall but maybe there's some explanation for it. I (and everyone I know here - I live in South Africa) pronounce it CRAY-G.

Also, how do you pronounce Raphael/Rafael? I pronounce it RAFA-YEL but every time I watch the US Open on ESPN the American commentators pronounce it RAFI-YEL (for Rafael Nadal). I see no 'i' in the name but maybe I'm the one who's been pronouncing it incorrectly all this time. What say you?
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VOTE on my Name List

And if you think a name doesn't really flow well, feel free to make suggestions! This list won't be used for 2-5 years!
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What do you guys think of the name Cordelia with the nn Delia? What about just the name Delia on it's own?

Does anyone like Russian names? What are your favourite ones?
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I'm sitting here watching The Holiday (when I really should be working)..  And I thought I'd post the names of the actors and the names of the characters they play.. 

1.  Tell me what you think of both names 

2.  Tell me which name you prefer, the character name or the actors name that plays them.. 

Cameron - Amanda
Kate - Iris
Jude - Graham
Jack - Miles
Eli - Arthur
Edward - Ethan
Rufus - Jasper
Miffy - Sophie
Emma - Olivia
Sarah - Hannah
Shannyn - Maggie
Kathryn - Bristol  

*edit: i removed the last names of the actors to cut down on any negative or positive connotations for the names associated with the actor.. 
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Aside from "Chrissy" "Christy" "Crys"

What are some alternative nicknames for Crystal? 
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I work on a pediatrics unit at a hospital and I sometimes see some crazy names. We had twins come in, one named Sterling (sort of cute, right?) and the other, SILVER. Come on now. People are ridiculous.

Also, anyone planning on naming their kid Jayden, Aiden, Hayden, Cayden, Braden, etc, FORGET ABOUT IT. I see these names at least twice a week.

Also, sort of unrelated to baby names, but I got a new baby kitten today and she's sooo cute. The problem is, she has no name. D:

She's black and tiny and scared of everything. I'm leaning towards Mia, just because it's little and cute like she is, but I haven't really decided yet. I have a big boy cat named Jackson (the Jacks), so I definitely want person's name, but nothing too fancy or long. Any thoughts?

kitty pictures )
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No, not the baby I mentioned the other day (we won't find out for at least another hour, since I forgot it's California time).

However, my cousin was presented with a very special present for her bat-mitzvah and the little angel needs a name. (delete this if this kind of baby naming is not OK)

EDIT: Baby previously mentioned in other thread is a boy, apparently. If they ask for names with J, I'm suggesting Jonah.

They should call it LJ Cute )
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met a woman today whose name is Kath... like, something you might use as a nickname to a Katherine or Kathleen. just Kath.

& just a short game to pass some time...
1) first name must be a variant of your first name, middle name must be variant of your middle. (OR if your name is the variant of another name or names, you could use the original name that yours comes from. websites like are good for finding variants of names.)

for the rest you can do just one name for each number, or you can do a male & female combo if you choose. :)
2) first & middle name must be kry8tve spellings of traditional, or old fashioned, names.
3) Holiday themed first & middle name (any holiday!)
4) first or middle name must be a town in your state, other name can be your choice.
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