Oct. 24th, 2007

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I found out yesterday that I'm having a boy! So I felt the need to post yet another name survey. Thanks in advance to anyone who has the time/inclination to click the little buttons!

VOTE on my Name List

By the way, the middle names are all family names and are interchangeable. I'm more concerned about the first names.

One of them is my guilty pleasure name that I wouldn't actually use. I'll let you figure out which one it is. =)
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pronounce this name:


it's the name of an actress i like on a show, and i'm pronouncing it as 


but then, the hispanic part of me figures it could also be:


so, WDYT? or is there another way to pronounce it i'm not thinking of.   i really like this name now... it's grown on me. and i kinda am ok with either pronunciation. i just wanted y'alls thoughts on it. 
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I was looking at the nursery listings at a nearby hospital and they have the names and pics of babies born in the past few months.

For September:

Ayden Deneven
Sofia Brynn
DeMarco James
Katelyn Lindsey
Avery Lyn
Kaitlyn Rose
Jersey Jo (girl)
Katie Marie
Venessa Lynn
Abbigail Carolyne

I can honestly say I don't like any of these names. I don't have strong feels about any of them either, though, except Jersey Jo. Jersey? Not my fave.


Oct. 24th, 2007 01:58 pm
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is it just me or would the name Nicki sound odd on an 8 or 10 year old girl? I mean, Nicole wasn't very popular in the 1997-1999 years, was it? seems more like a name that would be on someone my age, give or take a decade.

don't get me wrong, parents can use whatever names they want, and if they want to use a name 10-15 years after it's popular, that's fine and dandy. or something. but I just got an American Girls catalog and there's a special edition "2007" doll, only available this year. the AG dolls are usually supposed to be 8 or 10 years old (I can't remember) which would make this, um, fictional girl born in the years I mentioned above. and her name is Nicki, which just strikes me as odd. it would seem for a doll that's supposedly the epitome of a certain year, they'd have picked a name that would have been more popular 8-10 years ago. like.. Hailey or something.
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Do you think naming a twin Thomas/Tamsin/Thomasina is appropriate or not? (the names mean 'twin')
On the other hand, does it make sense to name a singleton that?(not counting use as family name)
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Names from my brother's school photos...these kids are all 12/13 years old.

Some of these I don't mind, some are interesting... )
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I found someone on Facebook about two weeks ago who has a son named Atreyu.  What do you think of it?
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I found an interesting, Dutch site about popular Dutch names. One of the list on that site is a list of the most popular unisex names.
There are some really interesting choices there. Also, no, those names are not short for anything, we don't do the whole name-your-kid-something-long-and-then-give-it-a-nickname thing here. That is, most people don't do that.
Dutch unisex names in here! )
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So according to CBB Borat Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher had a baby girl and named her Olive. WDYT?

Also, they initially reported a rumour that it was a boy named Sadler.

Which do you prefer?

I like Olive, I think it's cute. =]
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Apparently director Tod Williams and his wife Gretchen Mol had a son on September 10th they named Ptolemy John Williams. According to behindthename.com, the name is pronounced TAHL-e-mee. What do you think of it? (sorry if this has already been posted!)
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From the first birthdays in my hometown paper.

Leighaunna S-lastname

Leanna isn't bad. Even Leighanna wouldn't be bad. But...Leighaunna?
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A friend of my employer just had her third girl. I started thinking of all the families I know with three young children.

Kaslin (newest baby girl)
Kyler (g)
Kenley (g)

Morgan Elizabeth (g)
Adrienne Noelle (g)
Peyton Kennedy (g)

Haley Marie (g)
Connor (b)
Andrew (b)

Gabriela (twin)
Daniela (twin)

Spencer (g)
Sawyer (b)
Jack (b)

Madelyn Grace
Ryan Patrick
William or Connor? (fetus)

Whaddya think?
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How lame would it be to name a child after a favorite movie or TV character or the actor or actress who plays them?

I have thought a bit about doing this, but I just don't love the names enough to use them or I do like them a lot but they are just too popular.  Some examples of names from characters or real life people I have considered: Addison (from both Grey's Anatomy / Private Practice and Moonlighting), Montgomery (from Grey's Anatomy / Private Practice), Kate (for Kate Walsh), Bree (from Desperate Housewives), Angela (from Who's The Boss?).  I also really like the name Violet which happens to be a character on Private Practice, but I didn't start liking the name because of the character.

Do you have any names you like because of a character or actor?
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