Jun. 8th, 2007

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So only 10 weeks until Bubs is here. What does everyone think of the names:

Bryce Paley

for a boy, (Bryce is a Welsh name, for my heritage and Paley is a family name given to the first boy as their middle name) and

Lilly Grace

for a girl (Lilly is after my grandmother Lillian)???
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I also forgot to include these names in my post:

Cash [heard twice now]

These names are what I've heard customers calling their children that come into my store. I just find them a little "out there" and they are real names. I made sure to ask lol.

hi there

Jun. 8th, 2007 10:15 am
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Wandered into the community and thought Id join/post.

I enjoy names very much so..

My children are:

Sebastian Michael (middle name is a family name)
Othello Michael (middle name is a family name)
Maynard James (middle name is a family name)
Atreyu Orion

If I were to ever have a girl:

Kallisti AnnElise

I also love the names:
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Are there any names you would never choose because there are too many ways to spell it?

For instance:
Muhammed (Muhammad, Mohamed, Mahamod, Muhumad)
Allan (Alan, Allen, Alen, Allyn)
Ashley (Ashlee, Ashleigh, Ashly, Ashli, Ashlea)

Are there any other seemingly superficial reasons you would choose not to name someone?

odd names

Jun. 8th, 2007 01:23 pm
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A high school buddy of mine fathered a little boy. They named him Asswipe (pronounced AS - WEEP- A)

THAT is something Id not do...even though I use not too often heard names... 
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i was at a forum where people were listing names that chinese celebrities like to give themselves. some are unique, but some are just plain weird. here are a few...

- Emme
- Race
- Kingdom
- Kenix
- Bobo
- Myolie (my-oh-lee or moy-lee)
- Tavia (tay-vee-ah)
- Kay
- Fala
- Sonija
- Mango
- Miki
- Mimi
- Cutie
- Kawaii (japanese for "cute")
- Dodo
- Fish
- Sherming
- Nnadia
- Yoyo
- Ivana
- Kiki

- Bowie
- Deep
- Hacken
- Ekin
- Eason
- Gallen
- Power
- Evergreen
- Ellesmere
- Bosco
- Otto
- Osman
- Hins
- Juno
- Emotion
- Kahlil (ke-li-o)
- Kanin
- Amigo
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Hi! I've been hanging around here for a while and decided I'd finally post. My name is Jessica, but online I go by Becka (Rebecka Alanna Madden being my penname). On the topic of pennames, I'm in the process of writing a story and I desperately need help. I only have a first, middle and last name for one character.   The others only have a first name and last name. . . or just a first name. I would really like to finish the story, but I think that the characters not having names is hindering the whole process. Help, please! I'll name all the characters I do have. I figured that if I was stuck on names, here would be the perfect place to go ^_^.
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What does everyone think of:

Elizabeth Cate Thompson


Emmaleigh Rose Thompson?

Here's the deal.

My mother (Catherine) wants a child named after her, but this means I have to throw Elizabeth in there somewhere (my fiancee's mother's name). I love the name Elizabeth, but I don't like the name Catherine. My mom knows this; plus, she always wanted to be called Cate. Hence, Elizabeth Cate.

Secondly, my fiancee is like obsessed with his older sister, Emily. He wants a child named after her but I strongly dislike the name; plus, I wouldn't want to leave my sister out (her name is Emma). So I thought it would be cute and clever to name a daughter Emmaleigh--that way, it sounds like Emily, but it includes my sister's name. My mom thinks we should make it two names though rather than one (Emma Leigh Thompson as opposed to Emmaleigh Rose or whatever).
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My sister, [livejournal.com profile] lemurchaser, has the privilege of naming a puppy (I'm posting for her because I can make polls). She would like some opinions on names and even other suggestions.

Please vote for all the names you like and comment to suggest new ones. Also, please comment with names you don't like, and WHY (what do you think of when you hear that name?).

She would like to AVOID all names that make people think of big tough dogs, or names of bad guys in movies, books, etc. And anything with a negative/violent connotation. THANKS!

pictures and poll under here )
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I just got a real, non-spam, email from someone named "Honey Shields." Wow.
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Today I saw a baby girl named Heaven Nevaeh. Need I say more...
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