Aug. 22nd, 2007

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I'm trying to come up with combo's for these girls name with family names.
can you help me out and see what goes best.

The first names are:

The middle name options are:

all of those middle names are family names
Danielle/Daniella are for someone named Daniel
Kathleen is my mom's name but I'm thinking maybe Kathryn as an alternative
Michaela is for a family member named Michael


Aug. 22nd, 2007 07:52 am
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My fiance both like the name Cody for a boy. We were discussing it, and in my opinion it sounds a lot more like a nickname than an actual name, and certainly sounds better on a child than an adult. However, I can't think of anything that it could potentially be a nickname for.

Any ideas?
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My son is Kade..

good male and female names to make a sibset?

Kade & ??
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A friend of mine named Phillip has gone by Phil for years, but is thinking of reverting back to Phillip. Which do you guys prefer, Phil or Phillip?
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A friend of mine is due in October with twins...a girl and a boy.

She's dead set on naming them Maggie and Mason (although I am still trying to talk her out of it!!!!)  but she needs middle names for them. 

Any suggestions?? 

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a made a list yesterday and got great feedback! :D so THANK YOU! lol

now, it was a consensus that 90% or more of the people who saw these names loved them:

Sean Andrew
Nathanael Ryan
Catherine Amara

there were others that i got some suggestions on, so i altered, and then there were some that i paired with other names i liked and so forth (mostly girls). 

i would LOVE y'alls feed back on those names. i'm pretty close to having my "list" lol. i just need some input. :-)

OH! and the name "Bradan" is a traditional irish name and should have an accent over the last 'a' - i just didn't know how to do that. and it's pronounced "bray-dawn"

thank you ahead of time! and feel free to either JUST vote, or to vote and then leave me feedback on your thoughts/opinions here. :D

My names

Aug. 22nd, 2007 03:47 pm
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Here's my new and revised list of my favourite names!
Tell me what you think, and any combinations you like, or any other names!
The surname will be Morris.

Imogen (Imy)
Elizabeth [probably be a middle name]

The only girl name my boyfriend and I can agree on is Sara Elizabeth Morris.
He hates almost all the names I suggest - especially Imogen, which is my all time favourite name! Although he does like Lily

James - One of my favourite names, but it's my half-brothers name. I don't really know him very well, but would it be odd to use?

I think the only boys name he likes are Jack and James, which is all well and good, but they are fairly... boring names. Although I do love them they are pretty much the most popluar names on there!
His favourite boys names are William, which I hate with a passion, David, Mark, Paul, Richard as far as I can tell. Which are all really boring and really common here [Wales].
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Here are the names my husband and I have agreed upon.


Maizie Elizabeth - Please don't hate all over Maizie. It was my great-grandmother's name (except she spelled it 'Maizy'). Elizabeth is my sister's middle name and my best friend's first name.

Ruby Charlotte (??) - "Charlotte" is still a little bit up in the air as far as a middle name goes. Any suggestions for Ruby (or names that would sound good with Ruby as a middle name)?


Nathaniel Edison - Nathaniel is the name of one of my husband's ancestors; Edison is a name we heard from a family in Old Navy and loved. Plus, it goes well with his son's name - Emerson Maxwell.

Henry Foster - I've always loved the name Henry, and Foster is my grandma's maiden name.

Whatcha think?

ETA: I would love to use the name "Sylvan" as a middle - it is my grandpa's name, and he and I were very close (he died when I was about nine years old). Any suggestions on coupling that? I kind of like Matthew Sylvan.
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Doing some data entry and I came across a name, Sanibel. It's actually a street name, but I thought it might make a pretty person name, too. Thoughts?
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quick thought -

the name Deirdre, I grew up with a cousin with that name and it was pronounced der-druh (well, you could kind of hear the i, but its hard to write out the pronunciation of it here), i've also however heard it say dear-druh and known a girl named Deedra said dee-druh (i can't stand this name), and my mother teaches at the same school as a woman named Deirdre only it is said day-druh.
what are your thoughts on these names and the various pronunciations?

personally, i can only stand Deirdre said like der-druh or dear-druh.
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ive honestly always loved picking out babies names - it was just a thing of mine - i mean dont all little girls think about what they would like to name there future children? well - i have always loved the choice dazarae louise & tristan micheal. what do you think of those choices?

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Tuscarora. What do you think? I personally am trying to talk my friend out of this name. It sounds to me like someone took the words Tuscany and Aurora and smashed them together.

Am I just off my rocker, or is it an awkward name? Any ideas on how to make it better?
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What do you think of the possible name Vidalia (vid-dale-yuh).  It could be a name I guess, it's actually a name of an onion that my dad had me buy at the grocery store today.  What do you think of it?

I like the sound of it, but would probably only use it for an animal, if that.
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