Jun. 4th, 2007

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So me and a friend were being the silly girls we are and we picked out names that we'd like for our future children, dont deny it, weve all done that at some point, so here are the ones i liked in order of preference, some name are family namesakes:
Adeline GraceJakob Owen
Amelia ReneeOwen Daniel
Stella KathrynEli James
Sophia ElizabethOliver Liam
Nora Celine Simon John
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Name, Keith Preston Vindel. KP for short. Thoughts?

A girl, Kelly (unknown middle name) Vindel. Any ideas?

Thanks fellows :)


Jun. 4th, 2007 09:57 am
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What do you think of the name Celia?
Celia or Selia?

a few names

Jun. 4th, 2007 10:35 am
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These aren't necessarily names that are at the top of my list or would even use, but I like them and haven't heard them mentioned before. Just curious what everyone thought and how frequently you hear them.

Anabrit - pronounced like it looks, the one I know is Norwegian
Misha - "MEE-shuh" Russian
Mila - "MEE-luh" Slavic, but I think the one I know is Italian
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Samira (female)
Amina (female)
Tamar (female)
Layla (female)
Amara (female)
Melisande (female)
Mahala (female)
Sarai (female)
Adela (female)
Adina (female)
This list was generated from: Adelaide, Janae, Jael, Amira, Bronwyn and Lorelei.


Ephraim (male)
Ryan (male)
Matthias (male)
Micah (male)
Zechariah (male)
Patrick (male)
Shane (male)
Bram (male)
Lucas (male)
Gavin (male)


This list was generated from: Asher, Nathanael, Braeden, Cayden, Liam, and Gawain.

and then, i re-came across this name from when i was younger. and i still - for some reason - LOVE it!

Wanye (pronounced "wan-yay")

thoughts? on either that name or any of the ones on my Nymblar (inspiration &/or generated)?


Jun. 4th, 2007 11:24 am
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Working on my data entry job, I came across "Ron Hetwig." It immediately made me think of Harry Potter. Are there any other names that you immediately associate with fiction instead of actual people?

Also what do y'all think of naming children after their parents? Personally I'm against it. My mom and my sister had pretty much the same name, and it was always confusing when people called the house. I'm thinking especially of this because my boyfriend, Casey, wants to name his daughter after him. I have nothing against the name, I just don't want two people with the same name living in the same house. What do you guys think?

(PS this is the same guy who wants to name his first-born son Avalanche)
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I'm new.
I've been watching for awhile.
I love names!! haha. I have a list of probably like 300 random names.
But these are my Top 4 for each sex.
Girls:                                 Boys:
Anastasia                        Adam
Juliet                                Andrew
Scarlett                            Jesse
Audrey                              Devin
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One week from today (if baby cooperates, that is...)

We are going to officially announce our baby's name.

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when i revealed to my dad that we'd be naming our son ocean he had this to say:

"please. no. a boy named ocean in los angeles? he's going to be SUCH a c**ksucker."

my reply?

(laughing hysterically from shock) "i know, isnt it great?"

my dad makes me laugh and laugh. i know the name ocean will impart a sense of originality as well as mystique in a person. he'll be set apart (teased, im sure will be part of that...but who isnt) as well as objectified by the reference of his name...and my whole life i have been drawn to the sea, its in my blood and the name, to me, is a symbol of something that resonates in my heart...

but hearing my dad's reaction really got me giggling. leave it to pops to really put it out there.

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I was inspired by an earlier post about family names so here we go:

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