Jun. 3rd, 2007

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My friend mentioned a boy whose REAL first name is Rusty.
I think it's adorable, though definitely awkward for a fully grown man.


Jun. 3rd, 2007 08:20 am
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What do you think of the name Caroline? What nicknames could be associated with the name?

Thanks :)
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I typed my name and my husband's name into Nymbler and it gave me Dorcas. DORCAS.
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I've been lurking here for a little while, reading everyone's posts and contributing to surveys and whatnot and I figured this new "guess the name" trend would be a great opportunity to actually, you know, post something. So here we go...

Hint: I'm hispanic. My name is of hispanic origin, but it also could be very Russian.

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One of my favoirte (and there a few that I really like) baby name books is Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana by Linda Rosenkrantz and Pamela Redmond Satran. What I like about this one is that it's a bunch of name lists based on different categories and I since I love popularity stats (if you do too I recommend The Baby Name Countdown) so I thought it would be fun to poll you guys on the names. The first list is names from the turn of the last century (1900's). I'll post the results and the next poll in a few days.

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Hiya. I've been lurking around this community for a bit now, so I thought I would join the bandwagon and post something...

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my boyfriend and i have been playing around with nymbler and this is what we ended up with.

boys names we put in: deacon, brock, declan (he hates this one).
girls names we put in: jade, layla, lily.

we ended up both liking the following -
boys: jaden, jonah, finn, jude, brayden.
girls: rylee, morgan, logan, sienna, jayden, kayleigh, brynn.
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here is a pic of me as a small child.. wasnt i adorable?  plus my name since you all guessed and no one got it right. =)
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Nymbler gave me Cosmo, Sterling, and Jonty for boys. Hahahahhaah.

Also, I was out and about yesterday, and I met a little girl named L'Oréal. I shit you not, this kid was named after shampoo.

ETA: The latest? Brijhette (Bridget). WHAT?


Jun. 3rd, 2007 05:19 pm
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I'm just wondering what you all think of the name Lachlan? I'm pretty neutral to it, I have no preference either way... but it's a really common guys name here in Australia, and I haven't seen it on this community much at all so I thought i'd throw it out there

it's pronounced LOCK-lun
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As I posted in another thread, I recently learned that Annagh is a place in County Mayo, Ireland, and not just a kreativ spelling of Anna. I'm now considering using this name for one of the characters in a novel I'm unsuccessfully writing. Her name would be Annagh Faolan (surname may also be Wallin or Phelan; don't know yet). What do you think of when you see Annagh? What sort of person do you envision when you see the name Annagh? Is she girly? Is she independent and strong?

Also, what are your thoughts on Miles Francis for a boy? Miles or Myles?

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If you've ever seen the movie Where The Heart Is (starring miss Natalie Portman) then you'll recognize these ones.


Also, what about Mikhail? (pronounced, I think, the same way as Michael)

ETA: Sorry for any confusion I might have caused regarding the name Mikhail. I had only seen it and never heard it pronounced so I wasn't sure which way it went. :)

WTHI is a *great* book as well. :D
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These are some more interesting names from the weekend. Think about it people - 15 years from now your doctor or lawyer may be named:

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Has anybody ever changed their opinion about a name after stumbling across a fictional character they particularly love/hate w/ that name? How about a real person?

I could come up w/ a long list of names I liked as a kid because they were the names of favorite characters, but right now I'm going to focus on names I actually changed my mind about because of a character/person.

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I posted this entry a few days ago. Here's how I would personally pronounce these names, and want to see if you guys agree...

Alethea: Uh-LEE-thee-uh

Katherina: Kath-er-EE-nuh

Eleni: El-LAY-nee

Lucia: Loo-SEE-uh

Idony: EYE-dun-nee

Helena: HEL-len-uh

Calanthe: Cuhl-LON-thee

Isolde: eece-OLD

Eece rhymes with fleece and EYE is like the word... lol.

Thoughts? Would anyone pronounce any of these completely differently?

Thank ya,
♥ Brandi
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I re-added a few names on the list from the kids at my preschool I work at, and I marked the names that I liked.


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Here are my favorite baby names from www.Nymbler.com:

Kennedy (female)
Lawson (male)
Brooklyn (female)
Tucker (male)
Madisen (female)
Gregor (male)
Whitley (female)
Jackson (male)
Lisette (female)
]Grayson (male)
Daphne (female)
Easton (male)
Magdalen (female)
Liam (male)
Darby (female)
Matthias (male)
Eryn (female)
Landon (male)
Lilian (female)
Colin (male)
Bailey (female)
Emery (male)
Elisabeth (female)
Landen (male)
Lauryn (female)
Barrett (male)
Kelsey (female)
Noah (male)
Isabella (female)
Riley (male)
Payton (female)
Brenna (female)
Katelyn (female)
Hollis (female)

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