Nov. 22nd, 2007

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 So I want to have one of my daughter's middle names be Marjorie after my grandmother.

But. 2 things. One...I don't really like Marjorie...and my top 3 girl's names are Lucy, Hillary and Audrey so none of them go well with Marjorie.

Should I choose maybe Margaret instead or just not use Marjorie at all?


And Happy Thanksgiving.
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It's a long list.. but I really hate to shorten it because I love all of the names and most of them mean a lot to me. However, there are some that I would seriously debate actually using.. and there are some I like more than others.

But any comments and votes are more than welcome. =)

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Hi! I love baby names, have since I was small but I'm actually looking for a name for my crocheted baby clothes company. My brother says he won't make me a website until I get a name so... I love flower/nature names but anything with a nice meaning is good. Or two words. Preferably it should also look good when written fancy, because some words, like my name,just don't look as nice as others. I like Sakura, but there's a pen company by that name. I've thought of Ilhaam which means "inspiration", but want some others to choose from. My sister-in-law also has to agree, so any ideas?
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VOTE on my Name List

Please vote on my list :) Mostly just first names because I'm not expecting any time soon and so have a bit of time to decide. I'd love to know what you think! My favourite names are Daphne & Arielle.

Thanks guys :D

P.S. I've edited and taken out some middle names, because I'm unsure of middle names as of yet...
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In the spirit of Thanksgiving (apologies to any offended non-Americans), here's a list of various Pilgrim/Puritan names I've found in books, random websites, etc.:

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Comments such as "xxxxx is a cute name, but could it really work on an adult" and the example given is always "please stand for xxxxxx". I've come to find this interesting, as we assume all parents have such expectations for their children. Has anyone stopped to ask the mother of J'Lara or Maddysonn if they envision them being a lawyer? In all fairness, maybe they believe their child could be a famous musician or something completely different.

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So what interesting spellings have you seen for the name Michaela/Mikayla?

I was looking through a year book yesterday and came across a 6 year old girl called


It's in the same league as the little boy I met earlier this week called



Nov. 22nd, 2007 09:26 pm
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At first glance, is Rowan - Girl or Boy?

Curious if it's been too feminized to be usable on a boy.


Nov. 22nd, 2007 10:01 pm
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 New here. :)
I was walking to school today and I saw this little girl and her parents were shouting, "Carmelina! Carm!" And I just thought it was really cute.

Would the person have to clarify the spelling/pronunciation of the name too often? 
And what do you think of the nn Carm?
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What is everyone's favorite name of Spanish origin?
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