Aug. 2nd, 2007

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The girls name pronounced Kash-ah

How would u spell it?

The main spelling I have seen is Cassia..any others you like?
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I have a request please~
My friend just bought a horse (today, actually) and she needs a name. She told the vet Ruby, but she is open to suggestions. She would prefer "red" names, things that mean red, or associated. Also she likes people names, not "normal" animal names. Here is the horses picture:

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What do you guys think of the name Reid?

Edit -- yes, for a boy. :]
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what are some names you just cannot stand- to see, read, hear, say, whatever lol.

for me, the biggest one is: Gideon.

i just... i can't even say why, because i'm not sure. it just rubs me the wrong way lol!
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When my brother was growing up, he had a male friend named Sage. Now I work at a bank and I get to see lots of little kids coming in with their parents, and there is an adorable little girl named Sage that comes in with her mother every so often. I looked it up, and its number 689 for boys and number 417 for girls on the ssa charts for 2006 (I didn't even think it would be in the top 1000, since I've only met 2 in my life!) Anyway, I've decided I really like this name for both, but what do you think: masculine or feminine? As a name, it means: herb (obviously, haha) or prophet.
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You know how in the Mexican state of Chihuahua it's illegal to use alternative spellings like Britni, color names like Azure, and the name Kevin......

what names would you outlaw?
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