Oct. 26th, 2007

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Aveline (AV-el-een)
Evalina (Ev-a-LEEN-uh)


My List

Oct. 26th, 2007 01:02 am
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Hey everyone!  I'm brand new to this comm so I thought I'd start off by posting my list of potential names I'd like to use.  Feedback please!  Any that you absolutely love or absolutely hate? 

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What do you think of the names...

Melea (Muh-Lee-Uh)
Wini (not short for anything)
Mara (Mar-Uh)
Sade (Shaw-Day)
Brianna (Bree-Aw-Nuh)
Ashlei (Ashley)

James (nn Jimmy)
Timothy (nn Tim)
Robert (nn Robby)


Oct. 26th, 2007 08:36 am
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Stealing from another post...meanings of first and middle names of family members.

Me: Noble; Vicotory for the People
Mom: Sea of Bitterness; God is Gracious
Dad: Honoring God; Valley
Brother: Rule of the Spear; Tiler of Roofs-Valley
Sister: My father is joy; Grace
Grandmother: My God is an oath; Grace
Grandmother: Sea of Bitterness
Grandfather: Famous Land
Grandfather: Bright Fame; Valley
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 Me:  Janine Marie
Brother: Ian Jon
Mom: Laura Anne
Dad: Bruce David

Mom's Family:
Sister: Christine Louise - Daughter: Daniela Rita - Daughter: Giovanna NoMiddleName
Brother: John Stevens Jr.
Sister: Susan Janet - Husband: Joseph
Brother: Thomas Rex
Mom: Constance Louisa
Dad: John Stevens Sr.

Dad's Family:
Sister: Kristie Lynn  - Husband: Michael J  - Son: Corey Michael  - Daughter: Dana Marie
Brother: Barry William - Wife: Nancy - Step-Son: Randy Joseph - Son: Zachariah Samuel - Daughter: Kassidy Elizabeth
Mom: Marie Catherine
Dad: William John
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1. IF you liked the name and IF you were going to use it, which would you use: Melanie or Melony? Why or why not?

2. I noticed on a locker sign today (for someone's birthday) the name Ahlizabeth. WDYT? I think it's purely ludicrous, and it's a bit shameful to the original spelling. I have always seen Elizabeth as "classy" and "formal"... but this name makes me want to gag a bit. Will crazy spellings ever be put to rest?
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So I was looking around Facebook and found a person with an interesting name.  Maetzin is a girl.  Her siblings are Claudia and Victor and she is related to someone named Zulema (g).  What do you think of them?

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  Me = Combined name of Samuel and Anthea
Brother = Headland
Mom = Noble, Sea of Bitterness
Dad = Handsome, Red
Grandma = Pearl, Worthy of Love
Grandpa = Home
Grandma = God is Gracious, Stranger
Grandpa = God is Gracious, Bright Flame 
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So, what exactly would all of y'all consider to be "filler" middle names? For my generation, at least (I was born in 1989), the most common middle names seemed to be:

Boys - James, Michael
Girls - Ann(e), Elizabeth, Jane, Leigh, Lynn(e), Marie, Nicole

I feel like Leigh and Lynn, particularly, have lost a lot of appeal over the years, but the rest seem to still be going strong. I must admit, though, that I really like Jane for a middle name, despite its filler status.

So, am I forgetting anything? Have any new names gained filler status over the past eighteen years?

ETA - I forgot about Renée for a girl.
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I don't know if anyone else watches Pushing Daisies, but one of the victims this week was named Bradan Caden. It made me laugh!

I also got a new client this week named Caizha Augutus lastname. His brother is named Nikita, his sister is Myrrikal.....and mom is Urania.

PS...I made a poll a minute ago but seem to be suffering from some technical difficulties. If it shows up later a million times, I apologize in advance:) 
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