Nov. 10th, 2007

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I was just wondering what people think of the name Lennon for a baby boy? What middle names do you think might make a good combo?
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I came across the greatest sibset ever yesterday!

Prepare yourself....

Brad & Bradlee!

I had enough fun laughing at it when I thought that they were brothers, but then I found out Bradlee was actually a girl, 10 months older than her brother. I was quite amused. My mom had a hard enough time not getting tongue tied with my sister and I both having names that started with a K. I wonder how it goes in a household with Brad and Bradlee. LoL
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1. Would you spell it Sara or Sarah?

2. What do you think of the name in general? Is it becoming too "outdated sounding"?
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I'm not preg, but we are currently ttc.
I think I've found a girl's name I like, Mikayla Grace. So what do you think?
(I realize that many people don't like any spelling but Michaela, but I really don't like that spelling.)
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What are your favourite names starting with 'S'???



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Oh dear God.

Cameron John
Domenic Antoine
Elizabeth (brother: Dante)
Nicolas Peter Anthony (sister: Suvi)
Claudia Anna
Sadie Lynn (sister: Lexie)
Arianna Lorraine Rose
Aaden Hunter and Addysyn Grace (brother: Logan)
Lauren Jean (brother: Lyle)
Amy Marie (brothers: Sean, Tyler)
Ewan Conrad Joseph
Anthony John
Joseph Jules (sister: Maia)
Ella Louise (sister: Ava)
Judah Paul (brother: Kaelyb)
Sadie Elizabeth (sisters: Madalyn, Calista)
Mya-Lynn Natasha
Leah Elizabeth (sister: Karlee)
Claire Elizabeth (brothers: Spencer, Marcus)
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not sure how it's pronounced, but I'm guessing LeVEL pseudo-french
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So, i'm sitting here watching HGTV and they flashed the hosts name on screen..

Chayse Dacoda

I knew what her name was.. But I thought it was spelled Chase Dakota..
I guess she wanted her "screen name" to be yooneek??
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 I just finished reading Goodnight Noboby by Jennifer Weiner and it's about a suburban mom so I knew there'd be some name gold in it.

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