Oct. 25th, 2007

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What do you think of the name Cambria? (Cam-Bree-Ah)

I think its pretty

Oh and I was looking over some old paper work yesterday and i saw that my boss's middle name is:
Ziegler (Zeeg-ler)

What do you think?

I like Cambria but not so much Ziegler.
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Who were you going to be?

Alternative Girl Name

Boy Name

I ended up Savannah.
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I was watching (listening to it in the background) Entertainment Tonight or The Insider (maybe even Extra) on TV last night and they announced that a celebrity couple had just named their newborn boy Ptolemy. I tried to google it and all I found were references to the original Ptolemy. Has anyone else heard which Hollywood moron saddled their unfortunate child with this name?
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What do you think of the name Pulcifer for a boy?
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 A girl I know is having a baby girl. 
Originally she had planned to name the baby Natalie Maria, which I thought sounded beautiful...
Now she plans on naming her... TaKaya Maria 
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I think I prefer Madison on a boy. I've always hated Madison on a girl because it just doesn't seem right...And the other day, I was watching football [Giants FTW] and there was a player named Madison...I don't even like Madison that much at all, but I really think it suits a boy more than a girl. Anytime I mention that to someone, they look at me like I've sprouted another head. So I must ask, is it really THAT weird? And, since I'm asking this.. What do you think of Madison: feminine or masculine?


Oct. 25th, 2007 04:24 pm
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I have a girl in my grade whose name is Bree, and I really like it!
It's not her full name, it's her middle name (Breanne) but I suppose she doesn't like her first and chooses to go by her middle.

What do you guys think? Can it be a name on its own or should it only be a nickname?
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Out of curiosity, if there are any particular names that you see and immediately associate with old people.

Which names, male and female, do you automatically think of as 'grandparent' names?
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I've been playing around with names a lot, lately. Just...thinking of some that I like, and may or may not end up using in the future. The ones I've been coming up with are ones that are very uncommon, because...I have this thing where I don't want my kids to have names that everyone else on the face of the earth has, if I can help it. So...that being said...what do you think of the following:



Also, just a general question...I've noticed that a lot of people have a hatred of "y"s, and I was just wondering why? In some cases I agree that, yes, they look bad and tacky. For example, I'd never name my child Jennyfer or Chrystopher. But in some cases I think the "y" spelling is a more pleasing look (Dylan as opposed to Dillon, or Corynne as opposed to Corrine) or is equally as nice as any alternative spelling (Jordan/Jordyn, Ashley/Ashleigh, Tracy/Tracie, etc.)


Oct. 25th, 2007 07:24 pm
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What do you think of the spelling Abigayle as opposed to Abigail? That's my sister's name and I always thought it was prettier than the traditional spelling, but now I like them both. What do you think?
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I was re-reading a book by Lucy Maud Montgomery, called A Tangled Web, about two families, the Darks and the Penhallows. There are some really interesting names in this book, so I thought I'd post them here.

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