Oct. 13th, 2007

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I frequently play video games. I love to play MMORPGs (as well as regular RPGs) like Materia Magica. I keep using the same name for my characters. When I say it out loud, though, I am unsure of how to actually pronounce it. The name is Sevaede.

I usually say sev-uh-eed. My sister pronounces it as suh-vade. What do you think?
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So, I'm pretty sure that this quiz was posted here a while ago, but I just rediscovered it and thought that I would offer it up for the masses to play with. I'm not sure how accurate it is anymore, as its copyright date is 1999 and I found that my categories didn't quite suit me (at least judging by the example names), but it's still a fun little quiz nonetheless.

Anyway, it's here. My results were forty percent "classic conservative", thirty percent "modern conservative", fifteen percent "classic eccentric", ten percent "classic unusual", and five percent "modern unusual". (My picks were Lola, Alexander, Alessandra, Anna, Andrew, Braydon, Sean, Dylan, Austin, Jack, Jason, Julia, Cordelia, Julian, Elizabeth, Emily, Michaela, Morgan, Sarah, and Thomas.)

Also, just because I'm curious, I want to know how y'all would classify me, name-wise type. I tend to like traditional names (though they sometimes stray into the trendy/modern). I also really like Irish/Gaelic names on boys and Spanish/Italian names on girls. But see for yourselves... )
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ok, i desperately need some help.

me & my husband want to name our baby girl Jade but i can't find any middle name that fits with jade!!! please, any suggestions would be so much appreciated!!!

also what do you guys think about

Devin Jade?? ( devin for a girl??) does it flow good???

a week ago we settled on Angelina Jade (Angelina was my grandmas name) but i decided not to because it reminds me of Angelina Jolie :(

Too close?

Oct. 13th, 2007 12:56 pm
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I like the name Ryder for any future male children. The thing is I already have a son named Ryan. Too close? What do you think? 

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Okay, we have narrowed down our girls list to three names, so i would love to hear the honest opinions, and preferences. We have decided to have a J middle name as it honours both our mothers, which is much better than what my bf wanted - Poppy Button. =/

First names;


Middle names;
June (obv not for April lol)

Any other J name you think would fit with the others please offer! thanks!
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Birth announcements in today's paper:

Katie Elaine (brother: Kody)
Maximiliano Domenico
Maya Jade
Hunter Josip
Sophie Alexandra (brother: Alex)
Kate Elizabeth (brother: Aiden)
Shelby Ann
Isabella Cristina
Sadie Elaine Marie (sister: Marisa)
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What do you guys think of Wolverine for a boy? :) We both like X-Men, that's our excuse. Hopefully our someday-son will like it too. :D

Also, is it too weird to name a child after a dead pet? My cat was Rosalyn, which is a beautiful name... but she wasn't a relative or anything. :(
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1) What do you think of the names Ava and Amelia for a sibset? We know we only want two girls at the maximum -- his family prefers mainly male children -- and these were the only two names we both liked. We know Amelia would be the older one. Middle names are still a bit iffy...

2) What are your favorite German names? Girls AND boys. We know we want really strong, strong German names for our boys. We haven't found any German girls names that we both love besides Ada, but it's too close to Ava. If you guys have any suggestions, that would be great.

ETA: We already have two sons, Dierk and Jens.
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I was thinking about this earlier and I thought I would ask you guys for your answers as well:

If you had a baby tomorrow, what would you name it?

mine )
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"The boy's and girl's name Sean \sean\ is pronounced shon. It is of Irish origin. Variant of John (Hebrew) "God is gracious", from the FrenchJean. Spread outside of Ireland only in the 20th century. Occasionally used in hyphenated names. Heavily influenced by actors Sean Connery and Sean Penn. Basketball player Shawn Kemp; actors Sean Hayes, Sean Astin, Sean Bean; musician and entrepreneur Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.
Sean has 7 variant forms: Sean-Carlo, Sean-Mark, Sean-Patrick, Shane, Shaughn, Shaun and Shawn.
Baby names that sound like Sean are Seann, Cian, Xan, Sion, Swen, Swain, Swayn, Syon and Zan."
taken from:

so, my question is, which do you prefer?

edit: i personally prefer John & Sean.
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My friend is about to give birth to a baby girl in a few weeks. They finally picked out the name

Giuliana (middle name?) Santoro

WDYT? I think its kind of pretty
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What do you guys think of the name Viktor for a boy? :)

I'm just now starting... so that's the only name so far. I want names that are unique but not TOO unique.

Girl names are harder for me to come up with for some reason!
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i just saw an advertisement for Keeping up with the Kardashian's on E! & just saw all of their names... an explanation- Kim's parents have 4 children together, then her mother remarried Bruce Jenner, so she has 2 sisters, 1 brother, 2 half-sisters, 3 step-brothers, and 1 step-sister. whew! lots of names :)

father: Robert Kardashian
mother: Kris
Kourtney Mary
Kimberly Noel
Robert George Jr.

father: Bruce Jenner
mother: Kris
Kendall Nicole

Burt Jenner
Cassandra Lynn Jenner- goes by Casey
Brandon Thompson Jenner
Sam Brody Jenner- goes by Brody
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i am incredibly bored tonight, if you could not tell lol. so a little game of what do you think they'll name their unborn child?

singer Lauryn Noel Hill & her sig. other Rohan Anthony Marley (son of Bob Marley) are reportedly expecting another child... they have four children already, here are their names:
Zion David Hill-Marley
Selah Louise Marley
Joshua Omaru Marley
John Marley

what are some names you think they would consider? boy &/or girl, single or multiple, go wild :)
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I like many names in theory, but when I hear people actually have it, I suddenly don't like it that much.E.g., I like the name Linnea, but now that I know of a girl named it (I don't really have an opinion of her as a person) I sort of don't like it anymore.

Am I the only one this happens to?
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A girl came into my work today, and her name was Bryndis. I thought it was interesting and so I looked up the meaning. It's Icelandic and it means "armored goddess". I had never heard the name before but it suits her nicely and its starting to grow on me.

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