Aug. 31st, 2007

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So my friend and I saw "The Nanny Diaries" today and they had some interesting names it is. I'm listing a few below and what I think of them. wdyt.

Grayer - this was the little boy in the movie. he was adorbale but my friend and i made fun of this name the whole time saying blacker, bluer, greener etc etc.
Annie - Scarlett Johansons character. This name has actually been growing on me a lot lately.
Lynette - not my style but not horrible
Hayden - A male in the movie...early 20'sish. really hot haha. Another name that is growing on me despided the jayden, aiden trend. not sure if i like it better on a boy or a girl though.

Then there was one scene where a group was quickly introduced. All friends of Haydens. Early 20's guys:
Carter - i really like this one but dont know if i would ever use it
Kenny - eh Ken is much better
John - it too common for me
Reggie - no. nms at all

I think thats all of the onces that stuck out in my mind.
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Given this group's penchent for names that are unusual but not creative (or kre8v), I was wondering what people thought of using names from fantasy novels. I've noticed that a lot of them use names from the ordinary world, typically just changed a little bit.

My favorites are:

Jimothi- from Clive Barker's Abarat, the first in the series, the ruler of the Tarry cats is a man-sized Tarry Cat named Jimothi.
Karigan- from Kristen Britain's First Rider series. The man character's name is Karigan G'ladheon.
Arya- from George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series. The younger of the Stark daughters. There's tons of good names from this series, too. Joffrey, Theon, Cersei, Rickon, Rodrik, Jorah, Irri, Doreah...

There are others, but I wanted your opinion on the idea in general.
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I am a fan of [some] names that are androgynous.  However, I believe that certain spellings are more masculine, and some more feminine.

For Example: (Boy / Girl)

Baley / Bailey
Jordon / Jordan
Reilly / Riley
Jamey / Jaime (Jamie)

Do you agree, or disagree?
Do you have others to add?
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 I was recently in Scotland for 2 weeks, and a couple names really started to grow on me, for no particular reason.
Nicholas, Heather, Julian, Christo & (love this name!!) Patrick.
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I was watching "A Model Life" on TLC and here are the names of the girls on the show

Petra - of course that is Petra Nemcova. this name is growing on me a lot lately.

Abigail - I always loved this name. She does bu Abby (or Abbie im not sure) on the show. Shes super sweet so it made me like the name more. She is from England

Angelika - not my style and the girl had an attitude so that didnt help. From California

Beatrice - from Brazil. Not fond of her name so much

Lucia - from Slovakia. Goes by Lucy. Another name that is growing on me also.

Michelle - I think its a great name. Simple. Classic. Shes from Florida. Makes a great mn too i think

Valeria - one i had never heard before but I'm loving. Shes from Australia.
edit: Valeria is from Russia and moved to Australia a few years ago.

What do you all think of these names?
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