Aug. 23rd, 2007

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For boys:
Kaeden or Caeden

Shea-Leigh (shayley)
Caleigh (kayley)


Aug. 23rd, 2007 12:10 pm
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I had a dream last night in which a LJ-friend of mine gave birth to a son and named him Nothali Miccae (in my dream it was pronounced No-thaa-lee Mee-kaa-ay).

I don't know why my subconscious comes up with such a name, because I absolutely hate it.

What do you think? :P
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I was just watching the ER when Carole has her twins.
She named them Tess and Kate.
I love love love Kate.
Tess is cute but I wouldn't use it.
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I was reading an article in Grazia about Jennifer Aniston's alleged adoption plans:
"...don't expect Jennifer to follow in the footsteps of Brad, 43, and Angelina, 32, who caused controversy when they changed the name of their three-year-old son from Pham to Pax after adopting him.
The friend said 'Jen can't see why any parent would change the name of a child of that age. To turn around and say,
"This is your new name" must be very confusing and bizarre."

Would you change the name of a child you adopted? What would be behind your decision?
Would it depend on age? Would it make a difference if the new name was similar to the old one?

I've also asked this in [profile] booju_newju but I was interested in the input of a community that's all about names, I hope that's ok.
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so i just read Prep, a novel by Curtis Sittenfeld, for the 2nd time because I loved it so much, and there are lots of interesting names in the book. for those who havent read/heard about it, its about a girl who is a "female holden caulfield" at an east coast boarding school who doesnt fit in (she's from the midwest and on scholarship; reasons why she feels different) in my opinion, the choice of interesting/some odd names in the book kind of display what celebrities do as far as name choices go: picking out there names in order to show they stand out from others and, because of wealth, are somehow better. This theme, not just because of names, however, is prominent throughout the book (wealth)

anyway, names in the book, along with my own personal commentary,  what do you think?


Lee (main character; I've heard of this spelling used for men; for girls i've always thought of it as "leigh"
Martha (too old womanish; plus I think of Martha Stewart, whom i dont like)
Dede (short for Deirdre Danielle; I really like Deirdre)
Aspeth (um, wtf? no)
Horton (again, no. i wouldnt name a girl with something that started with "hor""
Norie (dont like)
Clara (if its cl -ARE -uh, then i like it; cl-AIR- uh, dont like)
Sin- Jun (korean name)
Conchita (latina name)
Rufina (latina)
Gates (i really dont know where this came from; nouns as names do not appeal to me; dont like as all; might be worse than aspeth)
Hunter (boys name, and even as a boys name, i dont like it)
Tig (wtf again? didnt even mention as a nickname if it was one, pray to god it was)
Sage (nope - its a spice)
Robin (dont like)
Daphne (dont like)
Kaley (ok name, dont like dont hate; wouldnt use it for a child)
Adele (no- sounds too old)
Maisie (dont like at all)
Isolde (not really; didnt even like the story)
Jean (too old fashioned)
Gina (better than Jean, still dont like
Melodie (dont like; see noun as name)
Sohini (i think an Indian name)
Ginny (dont like)


Cross (hate this name; if it was just Ross i would like it; even weirder, he is Jewish, so i have no idea why he would be named cross....)
McGrath (as a first name? no....)
Devin (no; I like Kevin. And I've heard of Devin for a girl as well. even as a girls name, i dont like it much more)
Aubrey (also a girls name, isnt it? dont like it much for either sex)
Henry (too old fashioned)
Darden (dont like)
Edmundo (nope)
Tullis (wtf? dont even know how to pronounce it, with a long or short U, either way, its weird)
Renny (dont like)
Alfie (dont like)
Arthur (dont like)
Niro (dont like; plus its the name of the dictatorial roman emperor that was a bad ruler and persecuted/killed christians- different spelling, but same pronunciation i guess)
Nicky (childish - my brothers name is Nicholas, but we stopped calling him Nicky after 2nd grade)
Mario (dont like - nintendo character)

so yea, i am all for unique names (i have one myself, but it is an ethnic name) but these did not appeal to me very much. just curious as to what everyone thinks (book readers or not)

vote away

Aug. 23rd, 2007 02:16 pm
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if you have a minute, i've revised my list by half and added some middle names. nothing carved in stone, but eager for feedback.

thanks, ladies!!



Aug. 23rd, 2007 03:06 pm
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I teach a primary class at my church every Sunday. We had a couple visitors this last weekend. Two little girls, right around the same age. I'm assuming they're sisters - possibly fraternal twins. They were both wearing the cutest little blue and white checked dresses, black shoes, and white sweaters.

One had long slightly curly red hair - her name is Willow.

The other had shorter dark brown hair. Her name? Sequoia.

Willow is pretty common. I've known tons of people named willow. But Sequoia? Her parents must love trees. I'm not quite sure what I think of it. For being a fairly short name, it's quite a mouthful, but it seemed to suit her. Of course, having an unusual name myself, I felt a pang of sympathy.

What do you think?
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What do you think of Taylor for a girl?

Its been growing on me lately.
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VOTE on my Name List

I narrowed it down... A LOT.


Aug. 23rd, 2007 06:11 pm
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Ok, so I work in a shop and earlier today a woman comes in with three kids.
When I was serving her, the little girl came up and asked for something.
The womans reply 'Of course Miami.'

I'm sorry...WHAT?

Her son was called something very normal like Mike, I think it was. It definatly began with 'M' though.

Edit: This is in a quiet little border town in South Wales!

my turn :)

Aug. 23rd, 2007 06:40 pm
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VOTE on my Name List

feel free to comment. thanks. :)
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I met someone today named Rissa. I had to check to make sure her name was not Marissa. Nope, just Rissa.


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VOTE on my Name List

Please feel free to leave comments and thoughts on the names. Some of them are my favourites (the first three girls & first four boys) and the rest are just for fun/I'm unsure of.
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I heard the name "Ferelith" somewhere. It means "perfect princess". It rhymes with Meredith. what do you think of it.
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