Jun. 13th, 2007

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Hey everyone. I'd love to hear what you all think of my favorite names. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Tighe (pronounced like Tiger without the er)

Isabelle (Izzy as a nickname)
Skylar (my newest favorite name...still not 100% sure on it though)

Also...Malaya is my favorite girls name by far and I have been thinking of middle names to go with it.

Malaya Elizabeth (My best friends name)
Malaya Jean (my grandmothers middle name)

Any other idea. I'm not sold on either one..and it doesn't have to be a family name....

thanks and i hope to hear your opinions soon!

fess up!

Jun. 13th, 2007 06:55 am
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what's the most ridiculous, guiltiest pleasure you can think of?
(but would NEVER name a kid it...or maybe you would...)
it could be the name of a character, a poem, a show, etc, or it could just be a word that you like.

sunflower sutra
gypsy rose
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I've been participating in this community for a while now, and I've been starting to notice that many people here consider short names nicknames. For example; names like 'Max', 'Chris' and 'Sam' are considered nicknames instead of real first names. Here, those names mentioned above are perfectly normal first names. I'm European, is this something American? Or is it's pure coincidence?
I find it very interesting!
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So we just found out that my cousin is naming her daughter-to-be Penelope. My mother and I think it sounds like a prissy little dog name. What do you all think?

On the same note, I know it's really common to give pets people names, but does that bother anyone else? And I mean specifically somewhat common names, like Jake, Zoe, Max, Chloe etc. I mean, nobody wants to be introduced to someone and then hear, "Oh, that's my dog's/cat's name!"
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Hubby and I have unisex names; I am Tracy, he is Stacey. We were talking about how he especially had a disadvantage growing up with the name (until high school). Fights on the playground, being taunted that he "had to be a fag with a name like that!", problems with gym class placements, etc. By the time he reached high school, there were at least 2 other male Stacey's in his school. After that, he was never in a fight or called horrible names because of his name. I, on the other hand, never had a problem with my name.

We all know there are more unisex names out there that are more commonly used for girls, but are still used for boys. Here's a small list:

Carol/Carroll (Carroll O'Connor as Archie from All in the Family)
Lesley/Leslie (Leslie Neilson of Police Academy and Naked Gun fame)
Shannon (I went to school with a guy named Shannon)
Ashley (think Gone With the Wind)

That's all I can think of at the moment. But I think (hope) you get the idea. I'm sure there are TONS more names. What are they?
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Think of all the nicknames you can for the following names. Be creative!


My response in comments.
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A friend of mine is having her baby in a few months, and she needs to find a name that will fit in with the rest of her brood. She wants it to be a short, unique name -- four letters at the most.

Her children so far are:
Isa (Lynn)
Ona (Lee)
Ina (Brenn)
Una (Bree)
Nya (Kaye)

I know those are a little "out there," but if it's any comfort to you, her name is Ana Brennalynne -- she likes the shortness of her name first name, and she wanted to somehow add her middle name into her little girls' middles name... So far she'd had only girls, but she and her husband are hoping this one is a boy. Do you have any suggestions? Boy/Girl, because she won't be finding out the sex of the baby yet.
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Strange customer names, continued.

-Tandy. I expected an old woman, possibly one who might attract the likes of Hume Cronyn or order Morgan Freeman to drive her around. Instead, it's a middle-aged woman. Who drives a Mustang. Herself.

-Chevalier. Last name of Cromartie. I didn't even ask. I expected someone foreign. I was met with a polite, good-looking young man, early twenties.

-Rocklyn. A man. Short, with long, red hair and lots of freckles. A very angry man. Possibly due to the girly name.

-Ladane. Not even sure how to pronounce it. Sounds like an old lady name. Was middle-aged. Unfriendly. Didn't ask.

-Fannie Cleolia. Again, figured it had to be an old lady. It was a young, bitter woman.

-Joby, last name Hamm. I've heard this name, of course, but coupled with the last name, it stuck out even more.

-Draven. Actually not a customer, but the grandchild of a coworker. When he first told me, I said, "He's destined to be goth. Or emo. Or both." When it was mentioned to another coworker, she said, "How long before he dyes his hair and starts wearing all black?"

-Quenby Cashieu. Cashew? I don't know. I've never actually seen someone named Quenby, either. He had his hearing aid up so loud, I could hear feedback--and he could barely hear a word anyone was shouting at him. Then he got in his bright, new, red Mustang and drove out onto the highway out front. Scary.

-Ventress. A man. Old.

-Braith. Also a man. Construction worker.

-Carr. I haven't met him yet, but I'd assume he's old. He drives an Edge, though, which, for the unfamiliar, is a new crossover Ford released this year. I just can't see an old man driving one.

-Manlius. Young. Good-looking. Smooooooth. He hit on me. Trying to live up to the name? (Not that I didn't enjoy it, along with his musical, deep voice.)

-Edsell Odell. Male. All I know is that he drives a pickup.

-Leland Corbett, Sr. There's a small town aross the river from ours named Leland. It seems to have influenced a lot of our customers' parents.

-Glendora. Sweet, middle-aged woman.

About time to shut off the computers for the night.
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My latest list of top names. All the girl names follow the same pattern [short first name, long middle name] as you can see and all the boy names are sort of old-fashioned, I know.

What do you think of these?

Rhett Huston
Jack Lucas
Henry Graham [Hank]

Iris Evangeline
Claire Bernadette
Ava Clementine

Just a note, Huston is a legit name. It's not a misspelling of Houston.
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All right. I am writing a story. And its all based on where I live and the people I know, but the story it self is totally fiction lol kind of hard to explain...
What I am having a problem with is coming up with a name for the city/town in the story. I live in Binghamton NY, also known as the "Parlor City". Its located in a valley, completely surrounded by mountains, and that's kind of what the story is based on. I looked for anagrams for Binghamton and parlor city, but nothing is working. Can anyone think of a good place name, that kind of has to do with being trapped, or surrounded, or something like that???
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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