Mar. 5th, 2007

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What are opinions of Dennis for a boy? It's a name that runs throughout my family, but I don't see it used these days. Is it that bad?
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Usually I only post my short list here, but I bored so i figured i'd post my long list and see what you all think. After the first couple of names, the lists are in no particular order, really.


Willa Iris
Elia Iris
Elinor Susannah
Isobel Kathleen
Nico Louisa
Harper Isobel
Mathilda Kathryn
Joannah Austen
Louisa Rosalind
Esther Susannah
Francesca Iris

Wyatt Holden
Cyrus Jude
Henry Thatcher
Jasper Thomas
Peter Liam
Sebastien Thomas
Gideon Jude
Wilder Holden
Beckett Thomas
Soren Thatcher

I really dislike nicknames, so none of these would be shortened to anything. I tend to like names that feel more classical, i guess. and my boy names very masculine and my girl names very feminine. Wilder and Beckett are quite new to my list, I'm not 100% sure about them yet.

Also, if you have any suggestions of names i might like, i'm always up for it. I'm constantly adding and changing my lists. most of these have been on there for a while, though.
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Okay, so as I was coming up with (and making fun of) a few examples of  'New Age' names in a comment in a recent post, I thought of a name I actually liked it.

So.. what do you all think of 'Prism'?      Funnily, both 'Prism' and 'Matrix' make me think of rock.

 *prepares to be laughed at*

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in the "matrix" post, someone mentioned celebrity baby names. i was just wondering what some on your favorites are. or maybe your least favorite.

my favorite is Frances Bean Cobain. i absolutely love it and wish it weren't courtney's kids name or else i'd steal it...although that would show how i'm just a whining gen-xer who misses kurt.

here are some others that i find "amusing"

Moxie Crimefighter (penn from penn & teller's kid)
Pilot Inspektor (jason lee's boy)
Trixie GoGo (the dude that won Hell's Kitchen season 1 named his daughter that although she passed away shortly after birth.)


Mar. 5th, 2007 10:17 am
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I think I may be about to start a name craze. Because it's hard for me to believe everybody hates this name as much as they seem to. Personally I think people would adjust to the suggestion, just like my fiance did.

Drum roll..............Matrix.

I think it's rather unique and new age. Plus it sounds nice. I've heard names a lot stranger than Matrix!

What does everyone else think?
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not sure if i like all of them but here are some names I came up with today 
some of them are over the top, but some are pretty 
a couple I'd only use for a D&D or story character :-)

Allora Mabinogeon 
Allora Kallan
Alice Mallais 
Althea Beatrice 
Lily Aurora 
Lily Ophelia 
Lily Dove 
Lily Ocean 
Lily Odessa
Charlotte Marie 
Camryn Violet 
Gemma Melody 
Gemma Rapunzel 
Ember Meadow
Ember Scout  
Aurora Brielle
Aurora Violet
Aurora Shae 
Aurora Ophelia
Sophie Brielle 
Roxi-Lyn Moon 
Velouria Rose 
Desambra Palaemon 
Altaira Ember 
Altaira Beatrice
Alice Medora 
Alice Beatrice
Leandra Ophelia 
Lesandra Ophelia 
Medora Rose 
Aberdeen Ember 
Aberdeen Ophelia
Aberdeen Easter  
Lucy Fern (For all the luciferian satanists out there lol) 
Lucy Ophelia 
Altaira Neruda (after the star and the poet) 
Gemma Melody
Gemma Naomi/ Gemma Niobe  
Alice Darla
Alice Melody 
Eris Loki 
Eris Prism
Theda Wisteria 
Hannah Marie 
Ella Marie 
Katrina Elspeth 
Katrina Isis 
Katrina Marie 
Averie Faith 
Stella Iris
Delilah Charlotte
Brenna Rose  
Ella Dove 
Availia Brielle 
Easter Melody
Jessica Ana
Scarlet Jade
Scarlet Ophelia 
Desambra Kalia 
Pixie Norna 
Ulula October 
Abriel Kyrie 
Rylie Maera 
Pamina Anais 
Joetta Hadley 
Aeryka Monroe 
Kyla Adalyn 

Coy -a beautiful kind of lucky huge gold fish frin china. also adjective. 
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Here's a game/activity if you're bored

Let's say you have to use these names and change the spelling. What would you change to make another acceptable spelling or at least one that won't be terrible? Small sound changes are okay, as if you'd pronounce Kaila and Kayla differently, but something like Lizzy can't change consonants to become Lilly or something. Some, in my opinion, are more difficult than others, and some might be really hard to work with! I'm not saying I like/dislike any of these names in particular, they are just ones I thought might be interesting. Feel free to also post opinions on the changes. For instance, Carter was really hard for me to change and not hate it. I'll post my answers in a comment so my answers don't influence yours.

So, here we go:


and one last one because I know so many people can't stand it even spelled correctly:


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