Sep. 1st, 2007

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The family adopted three boys, and the names they gave them! -_-

Orey Believe (Orey from the adoptive father's grandfather)
Zion Zabari
Isaiah Jacinta (MN pronounced as "ja-sah-nee" somehow!)

Their last name is Hayes-Brown.
What do you think?

I certainly know that I would never give my kids names like "believe", for certain.

Oh, and now the adoptive mother is pregnant with their biological child. I don't even want to know what they will name it. :/


Sep. 1st, 2007 11:11 am
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Ran across this one in an elementary school the other day, and it made me blink.


WTH is that? I had to look it up, but I couldn't find a legit occurrence of it. It's not even elvish (Tolkien), which was my first thought, but even if it were... who gives a child a name like that? It bothers me when names have no meaning, especially when it seems like a made up name out of a fantasy novel.

Maybe it's a misspelling of Ithuriel, or some attempt at feminisation of it, but I still boggle. Why would you do that? Poor kid.

WDYT, am I being too harsh?
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Nathan Alexander
Emike Nacya Gabrielle
Elliott John
Anderson David
Caleb Michael
Mitchell James
Alexa Yuen Ling (siblings: Jules, Isabelle, Colin)
Sophie Kathleen (sister: Sydney)
Melody Joy (siblings: Libby, Wesley)
Caden George
Peter Robert
Brooke Lynn (brother: Connor)
Adelia May
Ella Marie (brother: Calum)
Olivia Renee (sister: Savannah)
John "Jack" London
Adam Rhys
Addison Rae
Logan Thomas John
Lukas Michael Karl
Jayden Christopher
Maisy Ophelia (brother: Nigel)
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A co-worker just recently had a niece born, and the name was Brodie Elizabeth. It's kind of cute, I guess. I don't really mind unisex names in general, but the way her sister used them... it makes me want to gag. Here are the names of her sister's six other children:

Jocelyn Charles (boy) -- Not a fan at all! I know, it's masculine in French... but ew.
Abby Edward (boy) -- again, not a fan. Not a nickname for Abbott or Abraham, just Abby.
Hunter Grace (girl) -- Why? When I think of a hunter, I am not thinking of grace at all.
Hilary Martin (boy) -- Words cannot express how much I hate this name.
Ann Christopher (boy) -- It ruins the name Ann for me. Forever.
Randy Addison (girl) -- I would never use "Randy/Randi" on a girl. Ever. And this just ruins me ever wanting to use Addison. Ever.

So, from what I can pick up, the mother (1) likes unisex names, tends to give (2) her boys names that are more commonly used on girls and tends to (3) give her girls names that are more commonly used on boys. I feel for these children.

I mean, Brodie Elizabeth is at least SOMEWHAT cute, and is spelled the feminine way.


Sep. 1st, 2007 07:19 pm
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Maybe anyone else has posted this already (way back in time), but I stumbled across this Wikipedia page of 'unusual personal names' and found it quite fascinating:

The worst of all?
Depressed Cupboard Cheesecake
I can just hope that one's not true.
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Got a new kid at work....his name is Brookyeh. I keep wanting to call him Brook-Yeh. Its actually pronounced Brook-Kee-Ah.

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what uni-sex names do you not mind... maybe you would not particularly use them, but you don't cringe when you see them being used lol.

for me-- (in parenthesis i put the spellings i would use, or have seen for girls):
Ryan (Rian)
Brice (Bryce)
Casey (Kasey, Kasie)
Lee (Leigh)
Jayden (Jaiden)
Aiden (Ayden)
Kerry (Kerrie, Keri)

Two names.

Sep. 1st, 2007 10:17 pm
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Ok, I work for a Brazilian family a few times a week as a nanny.

Their housekeeper's name is Eli (female). She is from Brazil and it is pronounced uh-LEE. I have no idea if it is short for anything. Anyone like it? I think it's kind of cute.

I took the kids to a play center today and I heard a mom calling her son Mirco (prn. Meer-ko). I cannot find it on any baby name sites, but I came up with a handful of people when I googled it. Does anyone know this name and where it comes from? Mirco had a brother named Nico.

And if anyone cares, the Brazilian kids I watch are named Gabriela (Gabi), Daniela (Dani), and Zachary.
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What would you name a hermit crab?

I like classical intellectual names, maybe from mythology involving crabs, or a story about a cancerian (star-sign) 
like ... I don't know... a character from 'The Tropic of Cancer' or somethin? :-)

Or some book... that takes place near the ocean.. I don't know


good hermit crab names- Go!

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Aurora (nn Rory)
Josephine (nn Joey)
Charlotte (maybe w/ the nn Charlie)

What do you think of these girls names?
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a friend of a friend just had her second baby girl... her name is Tiffany, her husband is Michael. their two daughters are: Mila and Johnelle.

Mila i find pretty cute, but i'm not too into Johnelle. Mila is pronounced like Mee-la, btw.

edit: omfg. i just found two random WTF names while looking at some people my friend knows on myspace: Asheleigh Morgyne and Kaelynne Faythe. they are two of this girl's "maybes" for her baby girl, who is due in a couple months.
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