Aug. 11th, 2007

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Birth announcements!

Aiden (sisters: Liz, Danielle)
Payton Marie-Anne
Tyler John (Sister: Emily)
Grace Anne (sister: Kate)
Sierra Lynn Shannon
Matthew James (sister: Mackenna)
Grace Madelaine (brother: Luke)
Felicia Belle (brother: Nico)
Kevin Alfred (sister: Andrea)
Brianna Lynn
Emersyn Hope Michelle
Daniella Grace (brother: Nicholas)
Hannah Rylie (sister: Kate)
Breaya Rhianne (siblings: Jordan, Hailee, Aidan)
Tyus Joseph
Logan James
Leah Jane (brother: Alexander)
Claire Catherine (sister: Emma)
Brooke Lucille
Tyler William
Madison Maelee (brothers: Josh, Sam)
Alia Joy

There's a lot that could be said, but I'll just point out that I am now officially sick of the name Grace.
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Sites like and similar have "rate this name" features, and you can see the average star rating, accumulated over thousands of clicks.

I've gotta say, some of the decisions ASTOUND me, especially given the fact that these aren't isolated opinions; these are average opinions!

Pahana (a unisex name, or so we are told — despite meaning "little white brother") is ranked higher than Rosamund.

Raghnall beats out Felicity.

Quasar tops Valerie.

Is it just me, or are there any rating trends you just can't understand?


Aug. 11th, 2007 07:45 pm
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What do you think of the name? I just got back from the cottage and there was a chubby little blond three-year-old toting around a kitten by this name. Because of her, I think it's adorable. Your thoughts?
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what do you think about naming your child something that is commonly known/accepted/used as a nickname?

for example, names such as:

any others...

i went to school with a Rickey, that was his full name. his siblings were: Rachael, Rhianna, Raymond & Robert (lol one of those families with their alliteration). which i just found funny that they would name their other sons with names like Robert & Raymond, but he was just Rickey.
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