May. 14th, 2007

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Hello! I've been lurking around here and I thought I'd join.

My intro and names list )

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Ive recently discovered that almost all my favorite girl names are 3 syllables.
I prefer them with a 1 syllable middle name but Im having a hard time finding any that I like besides Jane and Ruth. Any help? Also, out of the following, does one name stand out more than the others?


Last names

May. 14th, 2007 08:59 am
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How much do you think about how the last name will affect the first and middle names that you would choose?

Two names that I adore (but would never be allowed) are Bethlehem and Balthazar, but my last name starts with a B and it would be far to sing-songy. I also worry that using names from other cultures will sound odd with such an obviously English surname. I love Greek and Irish names and, though I could get away with Irish names as my father is Irish, I have no Greek connections to explain Kaliadne B-----. Do you think this matters? Surely just liking a name is enough to justify using it, especially in the multi-cultural world we live in? My cousin, Anjuli, has an Asian first name and an Irish surname and I think they work really well together but strangers often comment on how odd it is.

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New Names: 

I was just thinking, there don't seem to be too many Q X, and Z names so I decided to look them up and found some unusual stuff. There wasn't much I would use as a first name.. but maybe a middle name, what do you guys think? :) 

Here are some Q names I found

here are some z names

the only X-names I could find
Xyla Xavier Xaviera

 Opinions? Would any of these names  be good for middle names even? *shrugs* :-)
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I know everyone has their opinion about passing on family names to your children, and unfortunately, my fiance and I have very different opinions on it.

Personally, I wanted to use my dad's name [Paul] as a middle name on a future son. Simply for the fact that he only had me and my sister, and had planned to pass his name on if he had a boy but didn't have the opportunity. My fiance is pretty against this idea because he thinks it would maybe offend his dad if we used Paul as a middle name for one child and didn't use either his dad's first or middle name on another child [if we had 2 boys].

I have 2 objections to this. First of all, the choices on his dad's end are Fred and Donald, neither of which I'm crazy about or inclined to use. [Maybe Donald, but I seriously dislike it]. The second is that my fiance is an only child, and he was purposely given a first and middle name that could not be found anywhere in the family because his parents didn't want to go that route of naming him after someone. So my thinking is, the opportunity was there to pass on either Donald or Fred, but they chose not to. So is it really logical to be upset if we name one child after my father but none after his?

Obviously, this is all entirely hypothetical. I really just want to know what other people think. Should it be an "even stevens" kind of deal where if you use a name from one side of the family, you should use one from the other to keep it "fair"? Or should that kind of thing not matter? What's your opinion on the situation, should it ever actually arise?
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This list will give you reason to understand why my friends tell me to not let him help pick out the name.

Gabriel <--OMG Normal
Davai <---Almost Normal
Arturios <--resembles normal compared to all the other names
Parker (because of spiderman)
Bruce (because of the incredible hulk)
Horus (sp?)(this would actually please my daughter)
Donato <--I think this is a pizza place

His top choice for a girl.........

Aurora Christmas.

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