Feb. 21st, 2007

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I need help honoring someone(s) (yeah I know that is grammatically incorrect).  I have for a long time been set on using the name Manning to honor my former-elementary-school-psychologist-turned-friend.  Well, I just found out today that her husband passed away from cancer on February 10th.  What I know of him, I learned from Linda's letters, so I never met him or anything.  Do you think it would be odd if I honored her husband as well as her or should I just stick to honoring her?

I've thought about using a different name with the same meaning, but I want the name to have a direct association with Linda or her husband, Murray.  Can you think of any combined names or something that could work with Linda, Murray and Manning?


Feb. 21st, 2007 05:30 pm
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What are your thoughts?

A couple of ours had their baby on Saturday and named her Aubrey. I personally think it sucks since I know two old men with that name.
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Okay, so I'm still not totally sold on the name, though I do like it alot... but I wanted to check on spelling meanings and impressions. Do any of these spellings make you feel any certain way? argh, you know what I'm trying to ask, I hope:

McKenna (this spelling I don't like, boy and meaning sucks- son of Kenna)


I feel like there were others, but now I can't think of them.

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