Oct. 28th, 2007

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I have ben looking through my year book today and I thought I'd share some of the less common names with you.
All the ones listed are names I've only met one or two people named it!
Oh, and these people were all born 1988/89.

Ceri [prn. Kerry]

Merriden [Mez]


This a school in Wales, so some of these may be more popular in other places!
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Five names for each gender. Names cannot appear in the top 500 for 2006. If you're feeling especially ambitious, add middle names that aren't in the top 500, either.

New here

Oct. 28th, 2007 03:30 pm
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Hi, I've joined this community on a lazy Sunday afternoon because my fiance and I were discussing potential future baby names yesterday, and I'd like to run them by some impartial folks and see what you think.

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Thoughts on the name 'Harry'? Not from a Harry Potter standpoint. It sounds nice in theory, like old fashioned names on babies/young children, but I don't know how I'd feel about having a teenaged son named Harry, whereas Gabriel makes me happy all around.

I just can't find a plethora of boy's names I like, which is making me sort of worry about having a bunch of sons. Two I could handle, with middle names, but three? No way. There's not enough boy's names to go around.
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I'm pretty bored right now so: me and a few of my close friends. We're all born in '88.

Megan Leanne (b Robert Daniel)
Jodi Rae (b Andrew Edward Tanner)
Gabrielle Leigh (b Julien)
Olivia Christine-Marie (b Ross, s Dominique)
Natalie Denise (s Miriam)
Annamarie Loraine (nn Amma) (b Nicholas)
Emmanuelle Dominique (b Andre)
Lise Renee (Lee-se) (s Jennifer)
Madison F. Octavia (the F doesn't stand for anything but it's after her mom's friend, a guy named Fred...I don't know why) (b Lachlan)
Homa [no middle name] (she is Persian/from Iran) and yes..there were plenty of Homo/Homer jokes when we were younger (b Bayan)

& one boy for good measure
Neeman [No middle name] All of us english speakers pronounce it Nee-min but Homa says it the correct way, Nee-mon. I don't know why we say it wrong... (Homa's cousin) (b Samon, s Melody)

Also, a sib set of little boys I know:
Laurence, Nathaniel (Nate) and Conner.

And a girl sib set:
Candace, Colleen, Emily and Erin.


Park names

Oct. 28th, 2007 06:14 pm
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Parks really are the best places to hear some awful names.
I heard two yesterday that killed me...

Autry (b)(sister was Ashton)


Packard (b)

Packard could have possibly been Packer. Either way....
And I feel like Autry is always going to be mistaken for Audrey.
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Okay, this is a question I've had for awhile...

What do you think of people who name their kid Jesus? I think it is extraordinarily sacriligious and...I dunno...disrespectful? I, personally, find it offensive. I'm sorry, but your child is NOT God, nor is he the son of God.
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I was just reading a story in the paper about a lady who has had all 6 of her children at home.
This is the sibset:

Majella + Rosie [Twins]

Also - in an unrelated article I saw this name, for a little girl about 2 years old:




Oct. 28th, 2007 07:48 pm
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While flying home from Orlando we were on the plane with a little girl named Raelei. I am positive of the spelling as it was written on her bag. WDYT?

Personally, I don't care for the name. Not only is it hard to say, but it hurts my eyes as well.

Edited: The pron. way Ray-lee.
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I'm bored, so here i am with some family names for you guys. Maybe this names sound a little strange for you, and that's because i'm from Argentina.

Me: Eliana Gisela

Mom's side:

Great-grandfathers: Ramon (he come from Spain) & Mariana and Pablo & Isabel.
Grandfathers: Elsa Carmen and Ricardo Rolando.
Uncle: Marcelo Ricardo.
Mom: Maria Alejandra (he was about to be named Mariana Isabel because of her grandmothers wich i like a lot more than Maria Alejandra).
Grandma's siblings: Maria Dolores, Herminia, Jorgelina Nicolasa, Clara, Ysolina Aurora, Susana, Adela, Carlos Manuel, Eduardo Manuel (yeah, they had a great imagination for middle names  -.-) and Alberto.  
Grandpa's siblings: Lydia Elsa, Nora & Norma.
Misc. names: Marta, Guadalupe, Flavia, Hernan, Facundo, Ailen Ayelen (i love both names but the combination are just horrible), Christian, Lautaro, Felicitas, Nehemias, Jessica, Lucas, Martin, Laura.

Dad's side:
Grandma: Elsa Angelica.
Grandpa: Vicente.
Dad: Ruben Angel Luis.
Uncle: Osvaldo.
Aunt: Susana.
Cousins: Hernan Maximiliano, Veronica Alejandra, Laura & Karina.

Some friends daughter's names that i personally like: Katia Yamila, Irina & Zahra Naryis.
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