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May. 22nd, 2007 12:12 am
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I just saw something on PBS about Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor. I've never heard of the name Wallis for a female. I'm not sure how I feel about it... but I think I'm leaning toward dislike. What do you think?
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has anyone here legally (or even not legally, i'd still like your input) changed their first name?
if so, i'd appreciate it if you could tell me:
1. why you changed your name
2. how you chose your new name
3. how difficult the process was
4. how did people react (were your parents hurt, did people have trouble accepting/remembering to call you your new name?)
5. were you glad you did, or do you regret it?

and another slightly different one:
6. can i change my last name without getting married or something? does it have to be a "real" last name or family name?

i don't like ANY of my name. while i don't passionately hate it exactly, i just don't feel like it fits me. the image i have when i think of someone with my name is not me, it is the kind of person i wouldn't want to know and don't want to be. it has no family significance (well, besides my last name, but i don't even speak to my dad anymore), it was pretty much just some random name my mom picked out a baby book. sometimes i feel like i am lying, or giving the wrong impression, when i introduce myself. i just really wish i had a name that i loved, that i felt truly fit me, that i was proud to have represent me. i know a lot of people aren't fond of their names, i'm just wondering if it's worth it to seriously consider a legal change.

on the other hand, i don't have a particular name selected. i do have a name that i adore and will probably never use on a child and would love to have,'s long and a bit strange and i'm afraid of all the explanations i would have to give. i have another one i've always loved but have similar qualms about. i have a couple of nicknames that have nothing to do with my name, but i'm not sure i'd really want to have those be my legal names. i'd love to have a hippie name, but i don't know how well that would be received.

if it helps, or just to satisfy any curiosity, my given name is tanya danielle h_____. (sorry if i offended anyone with the name tanya or danielle, they're fine names, just NOT me). the name i adore but am afraid to use is philomena. the other is rhiannon. the nicknames are arachnid, yammes, and figgy (i think you can see why i'm reluctant about those ones haha).

i've been thinking about this for a couple of years, and if i ever did end up changing my name it wouldn't be for several more years probably, so don't worry, i'm not making any impulsive decisions here.

thanks in advance.
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One of my managers pronounces her name like Kerry but spells it Cerie. What do you think of this spelling?
How would you pronounce it?
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i was thinking about how american "thing" names can be tacky, but what if they're not in english?

i came across some interesting names derived from non-english countries
soleil/ also sol-spanish. "sun" my favorite.
briese: german, "breeze"
vienta: spanish. "wind"
ala: italian, spanish. "wing"
nuvola:italian. "cloud"
dea:italian. "goddess"
beau:french. "handsome"
ozean: german. "ocean" opportunity for a sweet nick name, "ozzy!"
sirena:spanish. "mermaid"
alma:spanish. "soul"
seele:german. "soul"
aquila:italian. "eagle"
vela: spanish, italian. "sail"
lua:portuguese. "moon"

i didn't see very many names that could be used for boys:/
can you think of anymore? i want your input!:)


May. 22nd, 2007 10:08 am
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So, I accidentally typed in the wrong address for this community and ended up on another, now unused baby names community.

1. I am even more pleased that everyone here is respectful and adult!
2. One of the names that got posted was Thaydian, for a boy I think. Seeing as it got SUCH unneccessary abuse on the other site (I mean, ok, you might not like it, but there's no need to swear...)I was interested to know what a more grown up audience thought of it
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I've been mourning the popularity of Tristan for about 2 years, which has caused me to remove the name from my list. Since then, I've not been able to find ANY other boys name that 'clicked' for me. Out of nowhere about 4 days ago, it popped into my head, and I FINALLY found the name. I've decided on Julian Calvin Anderson (We'll call him Jude). I've always adored the name, and it just fits. (and yes, I do love the Beatles and don't mind the association at all!) I love the content, satisfied feeling you get when you find the 'right' names.

So my final list is:
Boy: Julian Calvin Anderson (Jude)
Girl: Charis Serena Anderson

The middle names don't exactly 'flow', but I'm ok with that. I chose sentiment over flow. I prefer names that have meaning and importance over what just sounds good. Calvin is my Husband's late grandfather, who he was very attached to and he won't budge on the name. Serena is in a roundabout way after my husband, and sentimental to both of us. Though the girls name is suddenly under question since another member posted Alora not to long ago and I am absolutely in love with the name, but hubby just raises an eyebrow when I bring it up, so I'm not sure if I can win him over on it. He chose Charis and loves it, plus I'm worried about the alliteration, Alora Anderson. I'm extremely happy to have found a boys name I like, I was getting worried with only having a girls name. Now we just need the baby to give it to! (we've been ttc since August *cringe*) I'm running out of patience, especially now that the names are decided on.

Opinions and suggestions are welcome, though we are pretty set on these!
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first time poster! :)

I would like your opinion on a middle name for Nicole. I don't want something extremely common (Marie, Lynn, etc), but nothing too exotic either.

I am thinking of Nicole Alise (pronounced uh-lease), but nothing is set in stone yet.

If it helps any, the last name has two syllables.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions you may have! Thank you! ♥
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So I know these little girls, sisters, from church. Their names are Venton and Maya. ((I don't know their middle names)) I was just wondering, WDYT?
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my cousin is having twins and their first names are set - brodie and willow (hippy-dippy, huh :]?) but shes stumped for middle names. any ideas? theyre both girls.
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I have one son named Matthew Milton P (one syllable last name), and just learned a few weeks ago that we are expecting TWINS!![Poll #989718]  Well, aparently I exited out of creating that poll earlier than I intended... and left a few options off the end of the last question.  Sorry, I just did not feel like starting over. 

Option 4:  Michael Ryan and Emily Jean.  Option 5:  Show me your creativity, and suggest something you think I would like! 

Okay, there!  Poll completed!

The middle name Jean is a family name, as it is my middle name, my mother's middle name, and my grandmother's middle name.  So, any girl name suggestions, at least one of them will for sure bear the middle name Jean. 
Tyler has been my favorite boy name for ever.....  AT least before my senior year of h.s., because when in my Adult Roles and Responsibilities class, when we each got egg babies to take care of for a week, I ended up with twins, and named them Tyler & Mackenzie. 
Michael is my father-in-law's name... and my first son is named for my own father... so I guess that would be a nice gesture and create good balance.  Anyway, there ya have it, all of my baby name babbling.  :D

Thanks for your input!


May. 22nd, 2007 05:08 pm
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boys, girl, or either?

My name?

May. 22nd, 2007 05:53 pm
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First, I absolutely love this community.
I am not going to be having children anytime soon, but I adore names. :)

I just wanted to ask you folks your opinions on my name. 
(I don't know if this is allowed, but you can delete if you want.)
When I was little, I absolutely hated my name, but over the past couple of years, it's grown on me.

Raisa Michele. 
edit: (raysuh is the pronunciation)

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I've been visiting this community a lot lately, and I love it! I am definitely not expecting children anytime soon, but I tend to think about the future all the time and really enjoy coming up with names! My boyfriend (soon to be fiance) is kind enough to play along. I'm quite surprised actually that he doesn't get stressed out by it! Anyway, I figured I would post my list of top boy and girl names. Unfortunately, the boyfriend doesn't like all of them as much as I do, but we have the same number one for a boy and for a girl. Also, I'm interested in hearing other combinations for middle names. Let me know if you have suggestions! Thanks!

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What middle name goes with Arwen? Which is better Arwyn or Arwen? I personally like Arwen better. Just wanted some of yalls thoughts on it.

Also..I need help on a name. I love the name Aslinn pronounced AS LYNN. What are some different spellings that would work? I know either way her name will probably get pronounced wrong, but I love that name. I like it spelled like this


One more name..Bevin. I know there is a girl on ONE TREE HILL with that name, then I heard it on the Bachelor. WDYT? I like it..

Help please..


May. 22nd, 2007 08:03 pm
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my english instructor entered me in a poetry contest with a twist. we have to write a story focusing on two characters - can be m/f m/m or f/f - who are in love, then we have to turn said story into a poem. i need help coming up with names for the characters, but the names need to have strong meaning behind them. i dont care what the meanings are, as long as they coincide with eachother. the meanings will help me build the story. id really appreciate yalls help - your opinions have been great already :].

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I guess I should start off my introducing myself. I am Ashley Laine Milliken (maiden name is Miller). Ashley being English and meaning "from the ash tree" and Laine being English and meaning "dweller in a lane." (my husband got a real kick out of that one). From what my husband has told me, Milliken means "kin of the miller", fitting huh?

My husbands name is Shaun Anson. Shaun is Celtic meaning "God's grace" and Anson is English meaning "son of Ann" Our son is named Aiden Kian. Just to clarify, we pronouce Kian as (KEE-an). Aiden is Irish meaning "little firey one" and Kian is Gaelic meaning "ancient." Aiden was supposed to be born a Leo, but found himself born a little early, making him a Cancer.

We had a hard time finding him a name, since Shaun already had a name for a girl picked out - Maia Serana. As far as I can tell, Serana has no meaning and is just a name he thought of. Maia on the other hand is Greek meaning "great" and "mother" Maia, according to Greek Mythology, was a nymph and the mother of Hermes. In Roman tradition, she is the goddess of springtime.

My preferences, as far as girl names, has always been a bit out there. For the longest time I loved the name Siren Austin (those who notice the initials, this was before I met my husband.) I also love Alice and Lucy, or any name that carries a whimsical meaning. Boy names are always hard for me to pick. As stated before, it was liking pulling teeth to settle on Aiden. You should have seen the list Shaun had picked out originaly. Trust me, it was scary!!

The real reason for this post is about boy names. I had decided I wanted each of our kids to have similar initials as ourselves (A, L, M, S). A is taken care of, and M already has a name picked. I need help with an L name, a boy name if possible. No, I'm not pregnant, but we've had enough scares with the full moon being out of whack lately.

So thank you in advance, and sorry for any misspellings ;)
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I was at the park today with my son, a friend of mine and her daughter. While we were on the swings, a girl came up with her two kids... one was a boy, about 4 or 5.. his name was Shyler...

I've never heard of it before... only Skylar/Skyler. What do you think?

Personally, I don't think it sounds right, it makes me wanna say Skyler.


May. 22nd, 2007 11:10 pm
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I've always been into Mythology,Norse and Celtic in particular. So I wondered how you guys felt about names in mythology. I'm also going to be looking up more Fairytale/Folklore names soon.
Which ones do you like and would you use them as a real name?

some names from Norse, Celtic, and Greek mythology. )
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