Apr. 10th, 2007

Hunky Dory

Apr. 10th, 2007 07:31 am
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I went over to a friends' for dinner last night and one was talking about how he has had several phone conversations (through work) with an older guy named Hunky Dory

How crewl of his parents! Hunky doesn't even sound like a real name anyway. And then to pair it like that. In a hick town no less!
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I've tried finding out online without success. Does anybody know how to pronounce:


It means "Grandma" in Dutch. My mom's side of the family is Dutch, so my sister and I thought it would be kind of cool to have our new babies [her first Grandchildren] call her Grootmoeder when they start talking instead of the typical Grandma, Nana, ect.
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What's a good name [boy or girl] to go with Ainsley as a sibset? No common or traditional names, I like names that are more unique and uncommon. Any suggestions will be appreciated. :-)
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i like to post the names i'm currently loving :)

What do you think of these as a sibset - like em/hate em/what do they make you think of etc.

And what are yours!


Campbell Grace - nn Ella Grace
Katherine Peyton - either Katherine or Peyton
Mary Elizabeth - Mary Liz or Mary Elizabeth (Mary and Elizabeth are my two best friends, Mary passed away 2 years ago - so although it doesnt exactly 'fit' with my names its not going anywhere)

Thomas Finn - nn Finn (Thomas is a family name)
Aidan Shephard - nn Shep (Aidan is a family name)

Ella Grace
Mary Liz

my guilty pleasure names:
Sadie, Mabelle, Atticus, Addison, Huck ( i feel like with Finn, i obviously cant do Huck and Atticus is still a little too literary for me)


SO this morning i decided i love Peyton love it love it love it - and no one really likes Campbell so what about:
Ella Katherine
Peyton Grace
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My grandmother and I just had a discussion on baby names. She pointed out to me that among my cousins and their kids we have a Faith, Hope, Joy, Charity, and Grace. She thinks I should name my next one "love or patience" just so it'll fit in! She was kidding of course! 

So yeah...here's the list:

Breanna Faith
Caitlin Hope
Savanna Grace
Kristen Joy
and Charity Amanda

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Just a random list of female baby names I like.

caden elizabeth
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so we just found out that my baby is a girl... which means that we still don't have a name! i posted a poll very similar to this a while back... but it's making me crazy having to choose a girl name! help me! if you have suggestions from the names i like... comment away! i'm looking for strong(ish) traditional names! heeeelp!

[Poll #963993]
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My husband and I are still having some doubts about the name. Layla Renee and Jack Maverick were the names we decided on for baby number 3, but we're not so sure anymore. And the closer my due date (May 9) gets, the more I worry about picking the perfect name.

We've got a few combinations for each gender. Please pick your favorite and critique the names if you like.

Layla Renee [original choice]
Shannon Eileen [too many 'n' sounds?]
Josephine (nn. Josie) ___[need middle name suggestions, has to be a 1 syllable name to keep the flow of the other names]

Jack Maverick [original choice]
Brodie Maverick [Brodie is my guilty pleasure, no matter how much it sounds like a surfer guy]
Quentin Daniel (nn. Quint)  [Yes, in reference to Quentin Tarantino. I'm a huge Tarantino fan]

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