Dec. 25th, 2007


Dec. 25th, 2007 01:11 am
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I love the name Penny, but would never consider Penelope. What are other names Penny can be a nickname for? Feel free to be creative.

Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating. :)
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what is the website that alot of you use to make baby list names? =] i really want to make one. merry xmas all. xoxo.

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 I just found out my aunt's brother had a baby.

Name: Lauren Jane. I think it's adorable.
Her older brother is Lucien Peter...I'm not as much of a fan but it suits the kid pretty well.
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 I made a baby list of babies names i really like - tell me what you think. xoxo. =]
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Well, I've updated my names list quite a bit... there are some names I used to be sure that I'd name my children but now I have new favourites - especially for girls (it's forever changing!).

I'd really love your opinions on my girls names list! It's a short list but these are the names I really do love and not just "like".

My top names... )
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Merry Christmas, if you're so inclined.

My cousin called to wish me the same and was telling me about some additions to our family.

Our cousin Jason married a woman named Jill (I hope their mailbox doesn't say, "Jason & Jill," I really do) and gave birth to twins Graham and Heath.

"They're...named after food," I said, stunned. No one else had yet made that connection.

Our cousin Josh married his high school sweetheart Mandy and they had twins whom they named Parker and Badger. Their last name is Groves. Parker Groves...that sounds like a retirement home or maybe an abandoned amusement park from "Scooby Doo." And Badger Groves sounds like...I don't even know, a wildlife preserve or something.

Ah, my family.
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I have always loved the name 'Tiger-Lilly' for a girl, but I've never been able to find another name to go with it all that well.
Does anyone have any suggestions for either a first name or second name that would go with it?

Thanks for your time. :)
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I am a creepy person and looked up a bunch of people i knew on (one of the perks of my now former college is the "free" access) and got some of their middle names.  All the kids names are from abou 1980-1992ish except the last two families the kids are from 1997-2002

Grandparents: Albert Harold and Joan Appolonia
Parents: Marla Kaye and Jeffrey Scott
Kids: Paul Alan, Joshua Ryan, Brian Jacob, Jeremy Taylor (twin), Jacob John (twin)

Parents: Nancy Gayle and Scott Oscar
Kids; Theodore Sverre, Gustave Nels

Parents: Barbara Louise and James Paul
Kids: Deborah Jean, Janelle Miriam, Katie Marie, Hannah Louise

Parents: Laurie Ann and James Brian
Kids: Jennifer Lee, James Brian, Rebekah Ann, Sarah Lynn

Parents: Tracy Shana and Jason Archie
Kids: Connor David, Madelyn Jo

Parents: Jennie Sara and Jay Walter (brother to Tracy above)
Kids: Alissa Marie, Amanda Mary

The Alissa and Amanda above are my neighbors grandkids and we've known them forever, but it's funny because my sister and my names are Amanda and Alyssa.

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