Dec. 23rd, 2007

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Some of my favorite names:        (that I can and would use)
Gianna, Aubrey, Audrey, Grace/Gracie, Olivia, Leigh(or Lia), Natalie, Madelyn, Paige, Lynn, Madison, Ryan, Renee, Laina/Laine, Illeana, Elaina/Elaine, Charlotte, Emma.

underlined names = strictly middle name only.
Also - Lynn is my middle name.

Combinations I know I already love:
Gianna Leigh
Audrey Grace
Aubrey Grace
Audrey Olivia

I really would love to respect my grandmother with having her involved with the name a little. The only options I have for doing this right now are:
Sheree (I like Cherie or Sherie better- I just don't know how she feels about that. any other options or similar names?)

Here's the thing:
The combinations I love don't include anything that would make my grandmother happy. This is very important to me.. but I can't think of a way to include any of those names with any of the ones I like and make it to where I love it. The only exception to this has been Gianna Sheree. I've already told everyone that's the name I'm sure I'll use if I have a girl. However, I'm having second thoughts. I love the name and I'm even starting to like Sheree with it. I still feel like it's not "perfect" though. So, I would like suggestions with some of the I like with a name that would really make my grandmother happy. I'm open to two middle names if I see a combination I love. I'm also open to other suggestions with names not listed. And if it's any help.. I've tried to put the names I like in order of how much I like them. I know most are very popular and maybe even trendy.. but oh well.
Thanks in advance! =)

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Well, no joke... i just came across a sib-set, all boys, twins and an older brother:
  • Tee-Jay
  • Tee-Jake (twin)
  • Tee-James (twin)
How about lack of creativity there.  I don't mind TJ (like that as nn), and I also don't mind Jay, or Jake (Jacob) or James of course... but all paired together... ugh.

Also how about Kandysse (I think maybe its supposed to be prn like Candace??)  I love working from home so I can just hop over to this site and post the horrible things I'm coming across!

my list

Dec. 23rd, 2007 05:13 pm
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 ok, so um... i'm late about 5 days.

so... i went back to my list of names and i know it may be nothing - but it may be everything. lol who knows!!!

so help please!

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="VOTE on my Name List"></a> 

for the record here are pronunciations for some of the names:

Amara (uh-MAR-uh)
Roisin (Roe-sheen)
Sarai (Suh-rye)
Jolene (Joe-leen)

and the spellings are NOT negotiable at this time. lol. ;-)
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I read an article on cnn earlier about an Iraqi boy with cerebal palsey who was adopted by a US soldier. I won't lie, it made me cry. The little boy was found in the streets when he was a toddler and picked his own name- Ala'a, which means near to God.

So my random question is this: if you had to pick your own name, what would it be?
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My husband just threw a name for the baby at me that I would have never expected from him.

Augustus John

A.J. for short

Baby is due in August - and John is his Dad's name.

I like Gus for a nn, but that's me.

The last name is Hazzard


Myself, I am liking it at the moment...
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ok how about these combos?

Natalie Jean
Peyton Danielle
Thea Noelle
Mattea Grace
Rowan Alexa
Isobel Kathleen

Sean Daniel
Ryan Michael
Caleb Jonathan
William Austin
Peter Thomas

Jean, Danielle, Kathleen, Daniel, Michael and Austin are all family names and I would like to keep them as middle names, If you think they go better with other first names let me know.

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