Dec. 19th, 2007


Dec. 19th, 2007 12:22 am
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I watched mtv "true life" today and there was a girl named unique
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I heard two names today, that almost made me stop and do a double take. Both girls, the first was probably 3-4. The second was 22 months.



Not particularly liking either one.
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After seeing the list, we agreed on 6 boy names and 5 girls names:

Hunter, River, Troy, Keagan, Jett, and Noah.
Allison, Johanna, Brennan, Brynn, and Lacey.

We've decided upon discussion on why we like/dislike each name.

Troy and Allison are our choices.

Thanks for your help:)
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I took note of a few of the names during my school's presentation assembly today:




Boys Names

Dec. 19th, 2007 03:20 pm
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Ok, so there are loads of boys names I like, but I find it difficult to make combos!
So here's my list - suggest first and middle name combos please!

Surname would be Morris
My favourites:


Guilty Pleasures/Middle names only!
Mortimer [my surname, which I love and want to incorporate somewhere!]

Feel free to suggest any toher names too! My boys list is currently about 80 names long, but I'm always l;ooking for more, hahah! :)

Edit: My boyfriend is Welsh, and we live in Wales, so the Welsh names won't be out of place!
Also we won't be having kids for another couple of years, if that makes a difference!
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I went to a Christmas concert today. The kids were between 5 and maybe..11?

There were TWO spelled Lanze and one spelled Lantz. I think they were both girls.

There was also a girl named Shaygne. Champagne?
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My friend's mom just had another baby the other day (this is their sixth) and I wanted to share with you the names of their kids.
Vincenzo Rocco (the newborn)
Alberto (my friend, the oldest)
Gianluca <-- I'm not asure of the spelling of this one
Francesca (the only girl)
Giuliano <-- is a boy, and I'm not sure whether the end is an 'a' or 'o' 

Obviously they're very Italian. I really love all of these names, being of Italian descent myself but I don't think I would use all fo them.
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I'm thinking of naming any daughters of mine after their great grandmas [ my grandmothers]. Not first names, but middle names. So that'd be Jeanne and Dolores. Jeanne (my Mom's side) is nice, but I really love Dolores for a middle name. It is kinda granny-ish... but she was my grandma, so... o.o...

What do you think?

Also, I was searching for fun, and I came across the name Hummer. Who would name their baby Hummer?!
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father Javier, mother Ashley, son... Jay-ley (prn. Jay-lee). if they have another, will it be Ash-vier? seriously now.
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My brother (24) is named Sean, the other day my roommate (from upstate ny, we live in manhattan) said she thinks Sean isn't the right spelling and that Shawn is. Sean is spelled as thus in my family because that is the traditional way to spell it in Ireland, but what do you think of the various spellings, Sean, Shawn, Shaun?
Personally, I hate anything besides Sean.

Also, what do you think of surnames as middle names? ie. the mothers maiden name as the childs middle name.
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Kindness (3yrs old)
Layla (newborn, parents Andrew & Heather)
Meghan Mahrie (15yrs old)
Patience (nn Pay, 16yrs old)
Tiffanee (16yrs old)
Braxton Owen (newborn, parents Luke & Ashley)
Braxton Thomas (1yr old)
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So, I went hunting through some of my old things and came across some of my favorite names when I was younger. I meshed a few lists, so these names are all probably from 1997 - 2000 (about eight to eleven years old). I'd like to point out that I also knew some people who spelled their names these ways, so the horror is all completely my fault. :/

Girls )

Boys )
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Sometimes, the newspaper has a couple of interesting ones.

Mamie Elizabeth-40 (was an obit)
Sorry, not liking this name. All I can think of is a big black woman tying up Miss Scarlett's dress.

Khole- around 4-ish
I can't decide if it's supposed to be Cole or Chloe, but either way....really not fond of it.


Dec. 19th, 2007 11:49 pm
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WDYT of the name Camilla?
It's pronounced Cah-MEEL-lah in italian, I like Millie as a nickname, although Camy would be most likely.

After Isabella and Sabrina (which my partner both pronounces terribly *sigh*), I think it's my next favorite. Currently, at least :P
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