Dec. 11th, 2007

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I'm thinking about another story, and I already have my two main characters' first names but I need middle names. They're female, in their late teens or early twenties, and American. Their names are
Carey and Quinn
I know a bunch of you probably hate these names, but please don't complain about them; they're not going to change. I just want middle name suggestions, please. =)

EDIT: Carey can be short for Caroline, Carina, whatever you want, or it can be a full first name. I don't really care; tell me which way you like.
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So Im wondering what you all think about naming children after celebrities?

I know a woman who had a child last year and named her Shakira, this womans 17 year old daughter will be giving birth to a little girl soon, she says shes naming her Aaliyah, I also know another girl thats gaving birth soon and naming her daughter Kaaliyah, Another friend had a son and named him Zane, after the not so popular rapper "Lil'Zane" 

I just dont understand why? I mean, some celeb names are nice, but I dont get why you would name a child after a celeb really, WDYT? 
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Which is better...




Both would have the nn's Katie and Kate.
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I just found out this girl I used to be friends with in middle school had a baby recently (at the end of October).  She's a year younger than me.

Sara Marie and John Robert -- Jaiden Anthony.


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Some teeangers with babies:

A girl I know had a baby boy: Jason Wesley-Grady
Her boyfriend is a big basketball fan and the Grady is after Tracy McGrady. She's only like 16 years old and I have to say, I'm quite impressed that she picked such a sensible name as Jason. Wesley-Grady doesn't exactly flow but whatever.

Another girl I know has a daughter who is about a year old: Hailey Isabelle

Another one: Liam Alexander

Some others teenage-parent babies that I only know first names:
Abby and Lenny (sibs)
Aidan (girl)
Logan (boy)

Not bad. =]

ETA: My name list:
VOTE on my Name List
Lots of the names are repeats from my last lists so hopefully most of you don't remember that. =P
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As I'm one of many Jennifers, no one ever really says much when i introduce myself or anything, but when my Aunt is out with my cousin named Lydia, she always gets compliments on her name.

What do people say about your/your children('s) name(s) when you go out?
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I had to share!


I was totally clueless as to how to read it for a first good 20 seconds.. then I tried.. and my jaw kinda dropped. I'll let you figure it out!
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So, I'm trying to name a fictional character. The mother would be young and single, and likely to use trendy/kree8tiv/eweneek names. So, when commenting keep that in mind and don't give the usual "It's too trendy/kre8tv/made-up" comments. That's what I'm going for.

So far I've come up with:

Heaven Leigh (nn Healeigh, pn like Hailey)
Bayleigh *needs a middle name*

Haven Lee

Any other thoughts or suggestions?

Also, on a non-related note...a question I was thinking of today. Do you prefer Hailey or Hallie? (Just to be clear, I'm not asking about spelling, because I know they are different names and pronounced differently. I'm wondering about which actual name you prefer)

One last do YOU pronounce 'Lei'. I've seen people say that a name like Hailei couldn't be the name as Hayley, because it would be Hay-LAY. Personally, I pronounce 'Lei' as LEE. The exception being with Princess Leia...and had I see the name before I heard it, I'd pronounce that as LEE-ah. To me LAY-ah would be spelled Laia. Am I 'wrong' in thinking that way?
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 a few i saw today
Quirinus (m)
Tyrus (m)
Kloee (f), i think it was supposed to be Chloe.
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what do you think about the name TAEGAN / TEAGEN for a girl ?


Gender: Masculine & Feminine

Usage: English

Perhaps either a variant of TEAGAN (masculine) or a form of TEGWEN (feminine).


Gender: Masculine & Feminine

Usage: Irish

Means "little poet", derived from Gaelic tadhg "poet" and a diminutive suffix.

is it too close to the word TAKEN ?
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You have six children, genders of your choice, and you have to give each three names (two first names/one middle, one first/two middle, three first, however you want to do it). Now, the challenge is this - name your children three times (think of it as three sets of six) using some kind of theme for each set (nature, celebs, literary, meaning, etc). *not all three names need to carry the theme, just the set as a whole...but bonus points to those who can!*

OK - Go!

Edit - Here are mine

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 what do you consider to be a "filler name"?
answers for both boy and girl names would be appreciated.
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I'm wondering what would be a good short middle name for Jessica.
I'm interested in mainly one syllable-names, two syllables at the most.
I'm up for "filler" middle names, except Ann, Anne or Rose.

Like to give it a shot? :)
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