Dec. 1st, 2007

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The Daily Telegraph- A Conservative Middle Class British Newspaper, where i've been having fun reading the birth announcements.
It's not the abundance of trendy-tastic names I find amusing, as we usually get posted here- but the sheer raaaa-ness of the posh set.

Anastasia Violet- Absolutely stunning, however with parents called
Alexander and Alexandra I fear it's a little much!

Beatrix Poppy Polly- Why the Polly/Polly?

Lilyia, A sister to Brendan and Jayden- Gosh, the first spotting of an english Jayden! Well well well..

Arthur Richard Rundell, Brother for Charles, Cecilia, Clementine and
Barnaby- Rather upperclass sibset one might say.

Victor and Violet (twins)- Similar

Flora Marina Fox and Isla Cory Fox (twins)- Not sure about the middle names but gorgeous twin set

Amelie Iris- So beautiful

Fox Huxley James- Eh?

Aryana Sophy Jennifer- Made me laugh, looked so Americanized and out of place- plus they've spelt Sophy my way which is ridiculous.

William John Danger- Danger, some people do actually do it!

Cecily Florence Adeline, Sister for Cordelia and Barnaby- Another posh sibset but i'm in love with the announcement name

Melville Archibald Seville- Naming an old man?

Jasmine Beau- Beau means handsome, why saddle it on a girl?

Monty Oscar Inigo, Brother for Maximillian and Poppy- How adorable are they!

Orlando Blaydes- Pushy ollywook parents to be>

Noah, brother for Chloe, Mia and Summer- I think they fit so well.

Araminta Honor Daphne Hope- Um... gosh... mouthful.(There was also an Honor Araminta born a few days later)

Theodore Marie- Sister to Jean-Douglas- Theodore on a girl?

Just looking through the first couple of months I've noted:

Two middle names are the norm
James (especially James, practically every baby boy's middle name is James), Archie, Henry, Clementine, Matilda, Amelia, Isla and Jemima are standing out as very popular this year.
This is the crowd that are making the nicknames as given first names so popular (Ellie, Evie, Molly, Harry, Benji etc)
Basically all the girls names end in an -ee or -ay sound.
All the boys are called Harry James!

I absolutely detest the Daily Mail crowd, Im a Guardian reader till the end. Trouble is, these over the topflouncy pretentious names i'm laughing at are just the kind of names I adore.
I'm aware that as most of you aren't English, you might not really get what i'm bleating on about! I just find interesting looking the class system and how names deviate.
There are absolutely no creative spellings going on whatsoever, compare that to the bid for uniqueness over in America.
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From today's paper:

Sara Norma Marie (brothers: Jordan, Joshua)
Brooklynn Rae
Luca Anthony
Matteo Vincenzo (brother: Andrea)
Julia Katie (siblings: Nicolas, Karina)
Trevor William (siblings: Caleigh, John)
Abbey Kathryn
Amanda Michelle (sister: Kate)
Lucas Owen
Adrianna (sister: Athena)
Lucy Marie (brothers: Joey, Nicholas, Charlie)
Gabrielle Keely (sister: Amber)
Christopher Fraser and Michael Andrew
Gianluca Paolo
Avery Claire (sister: Sydney)
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So this may sound a bit weird... but I've been thinking lately of giving myself my own middle name as I don't have one (I guess my parents just ran out of names :P). However, I've been finding it really difficult to find a good middle name that goes with my first name, Louise.

What middle names do you think go well with Louise? My surname starts with a W and has two syllables if that helps :)

(I have a bit of a soft spot for French names but any name is more than welcome!)


Dec. 1st, 2007 05:50 pm
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Since my husband's not home to consult, I'll ask you. What do you think of the name Felix? I've heard it used on girls, but I think I prefer it on boys. It's definitely growing on me.
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 I have way too much time on my hands...that I should be using to write papers. =).

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