Nov. 25th, 2007

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Forgive me if this has been asked before, I don't recall seeing it, but what could Lola be a nick name for?
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After the freakout I had a few minutes ago when I realized I only have nine days until baby is due... I've decided on the names I'm going with. I'm pretty suprised the votes on my name list didn't make me change much, either. But here they are..
The first names are the ones I'm pretty set on. However, I am keeping the others for "extras" in case baby doesn't "look like" the name I originally have picked.

For a girl:
Gianna Leigh

Audrey Grace
Natalie Olivia

For a boy:
Landon Miles

Micah Cole
Gabriel Ezra
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EDIT: I found the following name on the list for 2002 (w/ only one instance of it being used - obviously). WTH.

I found this interesting web site, which lists all of the baby names in Quebec for the past couple of years or so.  Their popularity is determined by their usage frequency, and the list includes something like 8000 names in total.  Lea was the most popular girl's name in 2006 - it was used 540 times in the province.  Names that were only used once include Zoeylynn, Patsy, and Rose V.  (Yes, Rose V.  Just V.)

Here are the top 50 girls' names as well as a link to the site. 

1. Lea
2. Jade
3. Rosalie
4. Florence
5. Laurie

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I like names with the "elle" sound in them (like Joellen, Noelle, not so much Ellen or Ella), but can't think of more than those. What are some more?
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we have just started discussing names.

VOTE on my name list

thoughts? please be kind if you have something negative to say. all of these names have some kind of meaning to me or to him. and most of these are names we have discussed, and that we both already love. i believe francesca and max are our current number ones. also, max could become maxwell, as its the only extended version of max that i even remotely like, and the boy really loves it.

colleen = my late mothers name
gray = my late mothers maiden name
kate = special to my side of the family
edward = my late grandfathers name
marguerite = his mothers name
bruno = special to his side of the family, and he has long wanted to pass it down
samuel = the boys initials are s.a.m. and since i am not wild about either his first or middle name, we have decided that samuel might be a nice alternative, a name i love

last name is still undecided, could be either a one syllable four letter name, which doubles as a color, or a two syllable french name that starts with m and ends with x (but with the "oo" sound)

thoughts? feedback? suggestions? alternatives? thank you in advance!

ETA: i forgot about ruby, just added it to the list. its a frontrunner. also added finn, esme, and sailor.
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 I've always loved the name Skyler for a boy or girl, but decided against it for a future child becuase it is popular and trendy. However, according to the baby name wizard, it has never broken into the top 200, so its really not that popluar at all. What do you guys think of the name? Is it better for a boy or girl? What about Skyla for a girl?
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Slightly atrocious baby names pulled from the web site I shared earlier.  These are either creative abominations or other names that I particularly disliked.

There are many more, but sadly I'm wasting precious essay-writing time, lol.


Nov. 25th, 2007 05:38 pm
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 I don't know if any of you have ever seen this before, but it is hilarious and could be the very reason for a lot of those crazy baby names out there.

Anyway, I thought as a game we could follow the tips and see what crazy names we get.


Nov. 25th, 2007 07:23 pm
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Sorry for what can undoubtedly be viewed as spammage, but I’m still trolling on the Quebec naming site, and I compiled this list of how often my name (or variations therefore) showed up in 2002.  I was really impressed – my name doesn’t seem particularly popular.  

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I was cleaning out my bookshelf when I came across a couple good books, with characters of equally good names.

What do you guys think of Astrid?
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