Nov. 11th, 2007

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This is a different twist on "game time". We're going to play 'Name that Celebrity'. I made a list of the REAL names of some fairly famous people. In the event that giving their last time would give it away (if they still use their last name as part of their name), then I will just put *Last Name*. In all other cases, I listed their full name. Some should be fairly easy.

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Today at work i processed a Man's application form, his name was William Yerrik What.

I said 'Will, Why, What' and... he did not get it! Apparently nobody had ever made that joke before (he wasn't being sarcastic he looked thoroughly confused) it was probably me being a name freak but it jumped out.. anyway...

i want a go.

First name has to be chosen from your closest friends, middle begins with the same letter as their surname.

First and middle have to be made up- yooneek spellings of your favourite combos.
First must be someone from a Disney film, middle must be an A list movie star's name.
First must be Shakesperean, middle must have a meaning you love.

Thankyou for playing :-)
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For over twenty years I've hated my name more than I can say. The name itself isn't that bad, I suppose, but it's very much not me.

The name: Amanda Doreen Egan (pronounced EE-gan)

I love the last name and intend to keep it through marriage. But the rest has got to go. Any suggestions to things that would go well with my last name?

About me: 27, female. I prefer names that are less common, no extra y's and h's to make a boring name original, something that can be shortened is nice, open to men's names, nothing too girly.

Names I have liked that I just don't think go with my last name: Regan, Cree, Rowan, names that begin with E.

Other names I love but feel too cheesy with or know someone of the name already: Sigourney (known), Michael (too masculine), Amara (know a Mara), Scarlet (I'd feel cheesy), Ella (too common these days)

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated. Here's a picture of me so that you can get an idea of what suits me (except these days I'm platinum blond)

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EDIT: I like names that begin with E very often, but I don't want a first and last name that start with the same letter.
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These are the names Ive narrowed down to for my new arrival.


I need help with middle names though. She will most likely have two middle names, plus her last name so Im hoping to have a rather simple first middle name. Suggestions please? Tia.
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Has anyone ever heard of the name Idolene? My father sent me a genealogy chart, and I'm shocked to find out that my grandmother's real name was Idolene (I always knew her to be Lillian). I never met this grandmother, and she died when my dad was like 5 or 6, so he didn't really get to know her either. I'm just curious how you'd SAY this name, what it means, etc. I looked it up on, with no luck. Don't know where else to try. I'm guessing it's Italian, as her parents were from Italy. Any ideas?


Nov. 11th, 2007 09:09 pm
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Apparently adding a Y to a boy's name DOES make a girl's name. I met a woman (probably 40 year old) whose given name was Brandy. She insisted on being called Brandon. (Pronounced Bran- DAWN). Later I saw that she spells it Brandyn. ???

Also:  In the last week I've met two two women with honest to god men's names - Michael and Clyde. The former was 30ish, the latter 60ish.

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what are names you like, but would never ever use, and why?

aster -- too close to ass.
digby -- i think it's adorable, but it sounds like a dog name, and i can't imagine an adult being named this.
huckleberry -- i love the nick name huck, but too close to a swear word.
hadley -- too preppy, yuppie, suburban, etc.
luella -- cute, but much to cutesy, i can't see a adult named this.
ellaraine -- i think it's beautiful, but too bizarre for my liking.
arlo -- i like the connotations, but i just can't imagine naming my kid this.
rufus -- same as digby.
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I've been meaning to post this for awhile. They're not in birth order, because I always forget the birth order. My dad and his siblings:

Violet Ann
Grace Elizabeth
Dolly Jean
Tommy Lee (dad!)
Doris Marlin
Naomi Ruth
John Mark
Pauline Dawn
Paul David
Charles Ezra (nn Chucky)
Vanessa June
Betty Katherine
Lloyd William Jr (nn Buddy)

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They just talked to a young brother and sister  - Hampton and Hanlon

I actually know a man named Hampton, but I've never seen Hanlon before.

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