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What are some things that you wish you could tell people to keep in mind when naming their children?

I would tell everyone to remember that kids will only be kids for a short time, and to give them a name that works well in all stages of life. (Josephine instead of Joey, Grace instead of Gracie, etc).

I would also tell them to try to make the name something meaningful, and dignified, instead of "OMG I SAW LOTR and what do you think abotu ARWEN or maybe ARWYNNE?"

Edit: My mom likes to say to picture the name on a wedding invitation, a college diploma, and a gravestone. And to use the Supreme Court Justice test: say out loud, "All rise for [your child's name]." All rise for Eleanor Jane So and So sounds way more elegant and classy than All rise for Baylee Jayde So and So."

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Have you ever thought of honoring someone with your child's name?

I have several family members, but besides that, I would love to have a daughter named Renee, after Renee Lemaire, a Belgian nurse during WWII who was killed at the battle of Bastogne. (see icon and
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So, I'm being a bit morbid tonight and was looking on Wikipedia for actors who have committed suicide.  I came across Spalding Gray's page and thought he and his brother's had interesting names.  What do you think of them?


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Hell... I can't keep it up anymore. I keep on expecting a local to read the list and bust me, and the tension is rendering me unable to work.
You guys are right on the money for dissing on the list of names I posted here:

Because, they were all sourced from here:

Slightly long story, but I'll condense it down somewhat. )

It's going to be many, many a year before I embark on procreation. The boyf and I have only been together for 3 months, and I still suspect he's going to get bored with me before Christmas.

So now, I offer you ACTUAL names of people I knew in Indonesia. Pretty much completely unsuitable for a Western context (especially as constant mispronunciation would make me murderous), but I do love the way they sound.

Aulia [f] - OW-li-a (it's hard to describe exactly the sound of the 'au' But it's what makes it so pretty)
Kusuma [f] - koo-SOO-ma
Desi [f] - Dessy
Chairani [f] - CHYE-ra-ni (ch = the Scottish loch sound)

Dewanto [m] - de-ONE-toe
Cakrabumi [m] - chak-ra-BOO-mi
Firdaus [m] - FEAR-douse

*** I Solemnly Promise to be good from here on out.
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If you have any suggestions for names along the same lines, do let me know :P Thanks.
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Somebody made a comment in an earlier post about the Duggar family and their 17 kids whose names all start with the same letter. So, because I'm bored, and wondering if the rest of us would even find it possible, what if you were to have that many kids and follow the trend? Mine would be......

Sara Rivka
Shoshana Miriam
Serach Aviva
Shulamit Hadassah
Shaina Bracha
Shira Rachel
Shifra Chana
Sharon Elisheva

Shlomo Dovid
Shimon Yehuda
Simcha Moshe
Shaul Eliezer
Shmuel Avraham
Shaya Menachem
Shneur Yosef
Shemtov Eliyahu
Shmarya Baruch
Whew! That was hard. I don't know how many of these I'd actually use--a lot of them I like for middle names but not necessarily first.
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What do you think about -line/-leine names? Some of my favorite names are:

Is my name, Ember, too close to Emaline to use for a girl?
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I go to a high school that is not...ethnically diverse and where caucasion is very much the minority. Anyway, there are some very kre8tyve names at this school so I thought I'd post some.

and my favorite...LLewellynn...pronounced Lou Ellen. Oh yeah, they went there.

On a side note...
I'm in LOVE with the names Lily (with Abigail as a middle name) and Violet, both definitely as first names. However, is the "flower" theme too noticeable?
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WDYT of the name Laurentina? (prn LAH-oo-ren-tee-na in italian, but could also work as Lauren-tina, I guess). I personally wouldn't use it because I hate Lauren after someone named that, but just wanted to feel out you guys' opinions.
And wdyt of Laurel? Can someone actually pronounce it without getting a tongue cramp or is it just me? :P

Ultimately, what combination do you like best (or mind the least) among these? Edit: I'm thinking of these as boy names.

Ryan Taylor
Jordan Ryan
Ryan Jordan
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As always ..I want some opinions on these names.

Let me know what you think

All are girls names

Potential nicknames are in parenthesis

Alexandra (Ali or Alex)
Anneliese (Annie)
Cassandra (Cassie)
Eliana (Elie)
Jessica (Jess)

(sorry If there are some repeats from earlier posts)
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i was talking to my  mom today and she said if she'd had another son she'd have named him.....
are you ready for this????

Malcolm Gomez

(so glad she only had us two - Kimber Leigh & Hunter Neal)
she also said she likes the name Lincoln.. (i think this may be my fault since i got her hooked on prison break)

and in talking to my grandmother i learned that my grandfather insisted on naming all of their kids.. 
she had other names picked out but the only one she remembers is Keith Allen (instead of Ricky Layne)..
so it's his fault they ended up with such crappy names.. lmao!
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I’m bored so decided to give a run down of some interesting names.
According to SSA’s baby girl names (from 800-1000 in the top 1000 ALONE!) in the decade beginning 2000 – so the past six years (brackets denote number of children named this!):
Sherlyn (2,003)
Jaylynn (1,985)
Jasmyn (1,939)
Aylin (1,872)
Devyn (1,752)
Madalynn (1,701)
Joslyn (1,692)
Kayden (1,511)
Addyson (1,488)
Roselyn (1,475)
Jaylene (1,463)
Jaylyn (1,353)
Jalynn (1,278)
Ashtyn (1,243)
Kalyn (979)
Gracelyn (950)
Notice the pattern??
And ones worth mentioning:
Baby (994)
Unique (1,026)
Lexus (1,500)
Journey (1,653)
Some were not so bad:
Norah, Rowan, Hillary, Kinsey, Harper, Kaci


Nov. 2nd, 2007 08:16 pm
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Good Evening!

I came across a young lady today named Keyonia Donnette last name. Keyonia has ten aliases:

Sheila Yvette
Ronnett Latrice
Gemoise Evette
Gennoise Evette

The question is this: If you had to pick an alias...or ten...what would it be and why? 
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Brand new member! Hello :)

I'm having a bit of a baby name crisis. I'm due in March with our second little girl. Our first is Anna Reagan, and she goes by Reagan (not necessarily by choice, but we had picked those two names picked out years before she was conceived and Reagan Anna just didn't flow as well).

I've really gotten stuck on the name Noelle. I really like it (though I am still open for other suggestions). The thing is, I want it to be her first name if possible. I keep getting comments on how we named our oldest - "Why not make it a first name? Is that a Southern thing?" etc etc. It annoys me.

I can't match it up with anything! Help? My husband wants something more traditional to be paired with it, so not something like Noelle Evangeline or anything like that. It sounds like it would make a better middle name, but I'm really determined to find SOMETHING that works. If not, maybe I'll just give up and make it a middle name and either call her by that anyway, or find a first name we like better.

*EDIT: Thoughts on Noelle Elizabeth? So many people have suggested it (not just here), and Elizabeth is my husband's favorite name - Noelle is mine. It flows pretty well with our last name and it's getting more stuck in my mind, lol. What do you think?
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So, I was bored last night and ended up making a list of all of those in the youngest generations of the current European royal families. You can see that list behind the cut. )
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What do you think of these names?  (nickname possibilities are in parenthesis; I have a nickname picked out for each name, but if one isn't listed, I would prefer to use the formal version.  Ask if you really want to know what nickname I like)

Juliet Adrienne
Eleanor Margaret (Ellie)
Louisa Grace
Madeleine Renee

Samuel Michael (Sam)
Henry Atticus (Huck)
Charles Timothy (Charlie)
William Brian (Liam) -- I'm unsure about this one.  Any other ideas for boys names that would sound good with the others?  Other middle name possibilities are: Frederick, Emerson, Robert, Andrew, or Peter.  Suggest away!

Also, one other question: I would pronounce the name Madeleine as Mad-uh-line.  Should it be spelled Madeleine or Madeline?  I prefer Madeleine because it has the added bonus of reminding of Madeleine Albright (okay, I'm a politics geek.  So sue me), but I've heard that one pronounced both -lyn and -line and I definitely want it to be the latter.
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Few questions as I am now on MATERNITY LEAVE as of today! and am board at home.

-What do you think of the name Edward? Is Ned a good nn for it? I personally don't really like Eddie.
-How do you pronounce Isolde?
-Is it too weird to have a constant letter for a middle name? Like Theodore James, Scarlett June, April Juliet and Miles Johann?
-Is it okay to have more than one middle name?

Um. I think thats it. lol
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