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Oct. 31st, 2007 01:18 am
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 Most of us were born from 1978-1980.. I will include middle and nicknames if i know them..

WDYT?? )


Oct. 31st, 2007 09:02 am
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There's a girl in my class named Casedria (pron Cuh-Said-Dree-Uh/Cah-Seed-Dree-Uh - depending on if you have a Spanish accent or not). She goes by Casey. I don't know how I feel about the name - she says it's not made up but it sounds like it. WDYT? 
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Ummm, am I just retarded or... where did that one post with the black and white naked kids that looked like girls go? I want to know their real names, haha.

And, since this is boring otherwise and I may just be dumb... WDYT?

Henry Isaac

and Henry in general?

Also, a family I know...

Rhea (mom)
Audrey (daughter)
Lyla (daughter, not sure of spelling)

They're so cute! Half Asian little girls, the mom is from Korea. I don't really like Lyla but they all go together well I think.


Oct. 31st, 2007 09:33 am
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in my last post people commented that it'd be horrible to name a kid Galen because it starts with GAY. nobody mentioned that Gabriel also starts with GAY. ;) is it because it's more common? why did we overlook this one?

Last Name

Oct. 31st, 2007 12:39 pm
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Not sure if this is really the place for it but it is about babynames and I could really use some unbiased advice.

So, I have a 3 year old daughter with my ex-husband. After the divorce I kept my married name so I would have the same last name as my daughter.

Now I'm 35 weeks pregnant with my second daughter now and I cannot figure out what her last name should be. Originally I thought it would be her fathers name but thats before he decided to leave us and join the ARMY. We hadn't talked in a couple of months but have recently started talking a little and it appears that he will have some sort of involovement with his daughter but in reality he will deployed the majority of the time. He is adamant that she have his last name.

Here is my side of the argument:
First, I think that it will be easier on both of my daughters if they have the same last name. That is really my main reason for wanting her to have my last name. I don't want my girls to feel a disconnect because of different names. (at school etc) Secondly, she is going to be with me 99% of the time so it would be nice for her to have my last name for practical purposes.

Here is his side of the argument:
First, a child should have his/her father's last name period. Second, she will already be closer with me because she will be with me all the time so having his last name would give her a connection to him. Third, he hates my ex-husband and doesn't want her to have any connection to him. Lastly, he says Im trying to make her something she isn't by giving her my last name, and that I need to be honest with her up front about the fact that they have two different fathers.

His is dating someone else already and has said some really shitty things about our baby in the past (that she will always be a mistake, saying he wished I had an abortion and that I didnt give him a choice about having her etc etc)However, I'm trying to make a decision that makes sense and is in the best interest of our daughter. I'm really trying to avoid making a decision out of spite.

I think I've included the relevant info. So, what do you think? What should her last name be?

I still haven't been able to come up with a first and middle name because I'm so preoccupied with the last name. I'm running out of time LoL.
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How do you pronounce Imogen?
Is the emphasis on the hard "O" sound? Or do you just kind of skip over the O or give it an "A" or "eh" sound instead, like in Isobel?


I've only ever seen this name written down. I think I like it, but I don't think the first pronunciation sounds very feminine.
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So after reading all these posts I've kinda thought more about naming my baby. After all, i have to chose a name that's going to be with her for the rest of her life.

The name is chose:
Peyton Lee (maybe Payton, but I'm not sure)

The names I like:
Addison nn Addy
(Brooke Lynn is very  tempting)
Baylee (but i need a new middle name for her) it cant be Lee =[ )


What Do you think? I love boy names on girls, i know i know, it's happening a lot, but i really do think they're adorable. Any ideas beyond those names? Or suggestions?
Now I'm confused, and it would be a LOT easier with the father here to help me chose names... =[
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Recently, I really like the name (well, nickname) Charlie for a girl. My mom was called Charlie by some of her girl friends (her last name was McCarthy, so that's where that came from), and someone I know randomly decided to call me Charlie one day (not knowing it was also my mom's nickname). Anyway, I think it's sort of cute for a girl. The full name Charlotte is okay, but I don't really see myself using it. And I really don't like Charlene, and can't think of any other "char" names. Also, my mom's name was Margaret Mary, which is also my real name (I haven't really used it since I was like fifteen), and I really don't think I like it enough to pass it on (MAYBE using Margaret as a middle name somewhere), but I could call a girl Charlie in honor of my mom, without actually using her name, ya know?

Would it be too big of a stretch to have a girl and name her Caroline and call her Charlie?

I also like Joey for a girl, but can't think of any names I like where I could use Joey (I don't like Josephine enough to use it, or Joanna or Johanna).
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Because everyone else is listing names from their schools I figured I'd throw a couple of groups into the list.

I decided that I would post the names of the officers from the two student government groups that I belong to on campus. All of us are undergraduates born between 1984 and 1989.

University Wide )

Individual School Wide )

At some point I need to just go through my facebook friends list and put a bunch of names up on here. Some of them are pretty crazy. Though, they do tend to be ethnic. I'll probably save that until after I study abroad, though, so I have some really interesting ones, lol.
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Which do you guys prefer: Katherine Sophia Wedo or Katherine Simone Wedo? I chose Katherine because it's a nod to several of the women in the family (my mom's middle name, my paternal grandmother's name, his mom's name) but Simone is his mother's middle name. Personally, I don't like it, but she's been pushing it on us for a year now (ever since we got engaged). Should I let my daughter have Simone as a middle name to shut her up, or the more beautiful (IMO) Sophia?



Oct. 31st, 2007 03:39 pm
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We finally decided on a name for our girl, due March 2. Since I figure this community has a much better finger on the pulse of naming trends, I wanted to see how popular this first name is getting to be. Not that it would change my mind, necessarily, I'd just like to be prepared.

She'll be named Eleanor Jane. Eleanor because I love the sound of the name, and historically the women who have worn it have been strong and capable, and Jane for my mom.

Is she doomed to me one of six in her class? This says that the name is on the upswing, but it's hard to tell how popular this is going to get. As a Jessica Lee born in 1980, I'd really hate to doom my daughter to the same kind of thing.

Whatcha think?

New member

Oct. 31st, 2007 04:06 pm
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Hi! I just joined this community because my favorite part about being pregnant was choosing the names! I have a very common first name for my age so when I was choosing for my children, I wanted names that were unique but not "What was that name again?!?"

I have three children: Celestina (Celest) Hope - 9, Thomas Edward - 6 (named for his grandfather), and Aeryn Fae - 10 months.

I look forward to being a part of this community!
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What are some good middle names for the name Violet?  I definitely do not like filler names.  Do you think Violet goes well with Aurelia Josephine (which is my current number one)?
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so, i'm nowhere near having a baby.. not that i wouldn't like to be, but it's just not in the cards right now.. 
however, one day i will.. and i've always wanted to honor my father (who passed away in 2001).. 
that being said.. his name is Stacy Wayne.. (Wayne is my papaws name and also my oldest bros mn..)
Wayne is also NOT happening..  so, i'm left with Stacy (which i'm honestly not that fond of) or variations thereof..

I recently found:
Tacy (TAY see)  or (TAH seh) 
Stacia/Stasia (STAH see ah)

WDYT??  Any other ideas???

(p.s. i'm SO totally NOT set on it.. so it may not even happen, but it would be nice to honor his memory in such a way)
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So, I was curious as to whether Sophia or Sofia was the preferred spelling in this community, and I ended up making a poll about spelling variants of some of my favorite names. Procrastination, yay! ♥

Poll! )

Also, I decided recently that I like the name Elisheva. So, first of all, how is this name pronounced? I'm saying it as eh-lih-SHAY-va. Secondly, is it bad for someone with no known Jewish ancestry to use the name Elisheva?
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My husband and I have come up with a handful of names for our twins that we are expecting in March. We would love to know what people think of them.

Girl names
Madison Isobella
Mackenzie Rose

We think that combo would be really cute if they're both girls

Jordan Emily

Boy names
Charlie Trevor - Trevor as a middle name after his father
William Patrick
Miles Liam

My favs are Jordan and Miles, would love to hear what you all think.
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All the names in my family that i can think of.. 
(some have 2 or 3 middle names, and some none at all, so bear with me..)

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