Oct. 27th, 2007

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So, my boyfriend and I have decided on a name:

Gavin Goode (the e's silent).

What do you all think?
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Gracen (girl, unsure of the spelling)
Ashlyn (girl)
Treven (boy)
Breighton (girl)

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I was going through my yearbook and I came across a few unusual names (at least from my perspective). What do you think of the following?

Kyran - m
Simona - f
Chetley - f
Marty - m
Deidre - f
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Saturday birth announcements:

Owen Alexander (brother: Jack)
Aaron Bradley
Marco Aurelio
Brady Ryan (brother: Jacob)
Gianna Melena
Lexi Grace Mary (sister: Sierra)
Owen Scott (brother: Jacob)
Anthony Michael
Nives Ana (sister: Iva)
Mattie Katherine (brother: Silver)
Nathan Andrew (brother: Benjamin)
Owen Mitchell and Ryan William
Daniel Joseph
Keigan Fraser (siblings: Mackenzie, Liam, Molly, Quinn, Bailey)
Merritt Ellen (brothers: Mitchel, Elliott)
Stefan Robert
Dean Arno
Riley Wayne

Enough Owens?

I think 'Silver' is the worst, plus the kid's last name was 'Leach'. 'Silver Leach'. Are you people all on drugs?


Oct. 27th, 2007 07:35 pm
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A colleague of mine brought her daughter to university last week. My colleague's name is Alana, her daughter is called Meadow (age 2).
I almost laughed out loud. What do you think?
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Leila Clare [Abby, Ella]
Isabella Louise [Ariel Louise]
Eva Rose
Alice Fay [Dexter]
Kaitlin Grace [Michael, Christopher, Daniel]
Lily Elizabeth
Lucky Mackenzie
Britneylee - Not a typo, it was repeated in another announcement spelt this way
Isabelle Mary
Gracie Kathleen
Jasmine Lily
Chloe Mae and Elyse Jade - twins
Lily Alice
Ayla Kate

Bligh Thomas [Mitchel, Addison]
Cohen Lee and Riley Thomas - Twins
Fletcher Patrick [Blake]
Harry Graham
Cooper Robert
Sam Edward
Ziggy Nev [Jez]
Sage William
Mason Laurence
Rocco Lang
Harrison James [Imogen]
Jesse James [Jayden]
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