Oct. 20th, 2007

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pronunciations of... Genevieve & Guinevere?
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A previous post got me to thinking about my own name. I have been told one thing or another. I've had people argue with me about the pronunciation of my name!


For the sake of ease, I just go with what is probably a very American version. Ann-juh-leek. My grandmother pronounced it as Ahn/Awn-zhoo-leek. My French teacher also pronounced it about the same.

Ideas? Heh. :P
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Thought you guys might be interested to know that my boyfriend and i have decided on out little bumps name. I also just wanted to say thank you ALL so much for all the advice and all the input! I really really appreciate it! You were all soooo so nice and gave such honest answers. THANKYOU!

Okay - drumrollllll pllleeaasse...

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Oct. 20th, 2007 11:52 am
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What do you think of the name Devlin? Any middle names you can think of for it?

Thanks for your thoughts! :-)
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What do you think of the nickname Cobie (or Coby) for a girl?

I just started watching the show "How I Met Your Mother" , and one of the actresses goes by this name (Cobie Smulders). Her full name is Jacoba Fransisca Smulders.

I think it's a cute variant of her not-as-cute first name, Jacoba, but I don't think I would ever use it. If I was her, I would probably have everyone call me Fransisca. It sounds more feminine and a little more grown-up. Thoughts?

ETA: How does everyone feel about Jacoba? I like the pronounciation (yah-CO-bah), but I can't get over the fact it looks too much like the name it's derived from, Jacob, which has always been a very masculine name to me.
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This week's birth announcements:

Zayne Roland (sister: Zeta)
Tia Kathryn (sister: Mia)
Kestrel Zandra (sister: Ocean)
Joslyn Ann
Zachary Dean (sisters: Olivia, Ava)
Sawyer Thomas
Jack Harrison
Michael Robin (brother: Marcus)
Justin William (sister: Leah)
Coralaina Melissa
Megan Heather (siblings: Lauren, Ian)
Zechariah Jonathan (brother: Joshua James)
Kane David
Lucas Albert
Dante Victor
Kelly James (siblings: Rachel, Emily, William, Nolan)
Robert Leland
Owen Phillip
Braden Thomas
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I was looking at Babynames.com and the name lists that people have made and that you can vote on. And then I saw this one:

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And another thing, I clicked on 'Most Popular Baby Names of 2006'
The boys:

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This is very preliminary, since I'm not due until June, and this is mostly without input from Hubby, but here we go. Vote on my names, pretty please.
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I'm not having a baby but......it's fun?

VOTE on my Name List
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What are some good nicknames for Caroline?

The only two obvious nicknames I can think of are Carrie (love) and Caro (blegh).

TIA! :)
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Which nn do you prefer for Matilda, Matti or Tilly?
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VOTE on my Name List

Most of the middle names have some sort of family connection. I'm due in May, so lots of time to decide.

Also...my favorite name is Emerson. I've wanted to name a girl that for ages (since long before my son came along -- it was our girl choice for him). But...a good friend of mine just had a baby girl and named her Emerson :(. They call her "Emme" and I would use the nickname "Emma." Should I just pick something else? Would you be mad if a friend of yours named her baby the same thing you just named yours?
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Since doing the 'top 5 names for each letter' posts, I've found a lot of names that I'd never considered before that I now love!

So tell me what you think, combinations, anything!

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 This was a myspace bulletin.
If you go on www.howmanyofme.com and type in your name you can find out how many people have your exact name.

I'm the only person with my full name!!!
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