Oct. 19th, 2007

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This might sound slightly odd, but are there any (female) names in particular that remind you of dolls?

I've created this character for a story (NaNo, anyone?), and I wanted her to have a doll-related name (her father repairs dolls for a living), but I'm having trouble thinking of any. Barbie would be a little too obvious (I think I'll use that as a nickname her peers give her, anyway).
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being nosey, looking at a friend-of-a-friends myspace... came across her two daughters' names. first off, the girl's name is Jenna, her daughters are: Bryea Raehyelle and Keyana Janyi.

i... don't even know what exactly to say. just that she apparently really loves to throw Ys in names?
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So I just saw some names my little brother likes on his Facebook. Here is what they are: (he's 14 by the way)

Evan, Jake, Darren, Josh, Jared, Logan, Hayden, Oden, Christopher
Eda (Ay-duh), Eva, Yolanda, Marrisa, Abigail, Madison, Sophie, Kaitlyn, Heather, Virginia

K names

Oct. 19th, 2007 11:44 am
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I came across "Kayleigh-Ann" recently. I like it, but it has too many letters. It's better than just plain "Kayley" and all its various spellings that has become so popular these days. I think "Kaylee-ann" or "Kayleyann" is better. I also like "Kayley-Ana" or "Kayleyana" as well. I wonder if 4 syllables is too many.
Here are some similar ones I've come across:
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These names are getting popular or have been. The obscure names are those that are considered "extremely biblical". Daniel and Elijah are old favourites.
How about: Nehemiah, Zecheriah, Malachi, Obadiah, Jeremiah, etc.
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 I'm looking for part time babysitting work and am making up a flyer (dorky and childish, i know, but i'm desperate! hopefully it will work!)

ANYHOO... I need a catchy name or phrase to put on my flyer. Think 'Babysitters Club' but not as kiddish...

Any ideas would be greatful!
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 What do you think of girls with abbreviation nicknames?

Like D.J. on Full House...
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If you met a girl who was named Sophia Ellis, who/what would you immediately think of?

(yes, I am getting at something, but I want to see if others see it too)
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I just remembered that I created a "family" when I was around 12. I just found the original list of names, and I do think it's a very silly list. I have one more developed one, but I don't know where it is right now. I might also add that my spelling was often very... fanciful partly because I thought it was cool, partly because I didn't know how to spell all the names correctly.

Wolf Barcley (Father, I'm sure I meant to write Barkley)
Martha Lowice (Mother, Lousie is better)
Christhian Nikolaus
Vincent Johannes
Alexandra Tatiana
Katharina Suzanna
Adeleid Antionette (I actually missed an h?)
Gabriel Alexander
Sebastian Sakarias (I believe the second name is the Scandinavian version of Zachary.)
Amalie Danielle
Zackarina Elizabeth
William Jamael
Gabrielle Patricia
Annasthasia Christhiane (First, ?!?, Second, I'm sorry to say the 'h' after the 't' stuck...)
Melanie Franciska (Francesca)
Adrian Taylor
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