Sep. 27th, 2007

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What do you think of the name Asher for a boy?

I love it.

I was reading Daniel chapter 1-3 (I can't remember which one the name was in) and the name was mentioned there.
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How do you like Kessica as a screen-name/stage-name ?
It's originally a friend's typo of my own name (Jessica), and he was instantly fond of it.
I find it quite interesting, and I really like Kess for short.
I also think it has a stonger attitude than Jessica, as the J sound makes it more mellow.
Opinions? :)
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What are names that you would never, ever use, but you still can't bring yourself to cross off the list? Maybe because they sound trashy, or they're a little too trendy, or the meaning is less than desirable, whatever. What are they?

Mine... )
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Hi Everyone,
I have spent a while making a Baby Name List for our little one due in April.
If you don't mind spending a few minutes voting on our preliminary list, I would appreciate it!

And a little background: Reed is my hubby's name, Joyce is my & my mom's middle name

Thanks in advance!! :)

VOTE on my Name List

and any comments or suggestions are quite welcome
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n honor of my favorite show starting a new season today...I thought I would post the names of those on the show (both their characters names and the actors names)
of course with my comments too.
comments and opinions?

I am putting the actors first names in parentheses
...and adding comments where i feel necessary  hehe

Meredith (Ellen) - I think Meredith is nice
Cristina (Sandra) -
Love it spelt Christina
Isobel "Izzie" (Katherine)
LOVE Isobel with nn Izzie! And I really like Katherine too.
Alex (Justin) I like both names
George (T.R. - Theodore Raymond) Don't like any of these really but Theo would be a good nn. Not a fan of the initals thing.
Miranda (Chandra)
love Miranda
Richard (James) honestly I don't like either
Preston (Isaiah) I like Preston but prob not enough to ever use it
Derek (Patrick) I like Derek. its grown on me lately.
Addison (Kate)
Love Kate. I do not like Addison and the how trendy this show has made the name. ugh.
Callie (Sara)
I like both but I prefer it spelt Sarah
Mark (Eric) I like both. I like it spelt Marc though. I'd prob consider it if it wasnt my ex's name.
Finn (Chris) Chris is good but boring to me. Finn is great...but I know a dog with the name so idk if I would use it personally
Thatcher (Jeff) I don't like either one
Adele (Loretta)
see above
Ellis (Kate)
Kate is nice. Simple and classic.
Lexi (Chyler)
Lexi is cute but I think only as a nn. I think it is the characters full name but idk. I had never heard of Chyler until I looked it up for this post...and I actually think I may like it.

so wdyt
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VOTE on my Name List I finally gave in and made a list! :-) Vote:-) Catria is pronounced Ca-TREE-ah and Meav rhymes with wave. Have fun! ~Emily
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