Sep. 10th, 2007

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I know this is pretty off topic, but..

Does anyone know of any group (LiveJournal or otherwise) that deals in giving out info to people who wish to find biological parents? That is, the info helps them find the person they are looking for or whatnot.

Thanks so much. :)

baby names

Sep. 10th, 2007 02:21 am
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If it's a boy- Aiden Jefferey

and if it's a girl- Rayne Angelina 


Baby names

Sep. 10th, 2007 04:19 am
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What do you think of the name Millicent? It's an old French name that means "strength". There are related names like "Melissa" and "Melisande".
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I'm five months pregnant with a little girl. My mother-in-law and I both love Avonlea and Delaney, but I'm concerned that people who are unfamiliar with Anne of Green Gables will have trouble with Avonlea.
How would you say it? Ay-von (as in the company) or more like ah-von and lee or lee-ah? It should be Ah-von-lee, and my husband wants to call her Ava, which would have a different A sound, but is close enough to work, I think.
I also love Olivia, but I'm alone on that one. My husband's top choice is Remy/Remi (yuck).

So, how would you pronounce Avonlea, and which name of the four do you prefer? (Big brother's name is Josiah)
oh, middle names are Marcella Mae after her grandmothers.

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due in less than 10 weeks with my second daughter, i have decided that i am just going to call her "the baby". as my husband an i cannot seem to agree on anything and nothing is "sticking" with me at all.

"the baby" it is.

ok, all kidding anyone else as seriously stuck as i am? my first daughter was named before i was pregnant pretty much.

My monnogrammed diaper bag (that my mother is constantly harrassing me over since she can't get it monogrammed til we know what the name is...cause apparently she just doesn't have anything else to worry about and how nice is that, right?) is on hold and if my mother brings it up again, I swear, I'm gonna tell her to shove the bag up her butt.

ok, back to your regularly scheduled "vote on my baby name list" posts.

And thank you for letting me vent.
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The Avonlea post reminded me...

I was rereading L.M. Montgomery's Kilmeny of the Orchard the other day. I found myself wondering what this community would think of the name Kilmeny.

It was perfect for the character in the book. "That girl couldn't be a Florrie or a Melissa or an Emma, while Jennie May is completely out of the question." Kilmeny had an otherworldly quality that set her apart, but I can't imagine it working on an actual, normal person.

Anyway, your thoughts on the name? And what about Valancy, from Montgomery's book The Blue Castle?
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Lately, when I read the posts left in this community, I become increasingly frustrated. It seems that this community isn't so much a site to suggest name ideas and receive feedback, but simply a place to list names we find stupid and then laugh at them. It feels like we are the popular girls laughing and looking down our noses at the other girls in the cafeteria.

What is so bad about names spelled differently?

What is so bad about naming children after places?

What is so bad about popular names?

Why should any of this affect us and what we choose to name our children?
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[Poll #1052976][Poll #1052976]

Hi people! For some reasons (it's a long and painful story, so i'll just skip it), it's almost sure that i'm going to adopt my grandma's sister's cat. Her name is "Reina", wich means "queen" in Spanish. I'm not quiet sure i like the name because it's pretty common here to name a pet in that way, but in the other hand it was my beloved aunt who named her and it's a Japanese name too (all my other pets have Japanese names).

So, what do you think about the name? Do you like it? Must i keep her name?
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to about 5-7 names each. 

i've gotten it narrowed down some, but opinions would be appreciated.

oh! at the bottom i added some combos of names i've come across in the past month that have stuck with me...

Boy names:

Ami *ah-mee*

(and two i didn't put on there, only b/c i don't know how to make them a combination)


any help would be nice. :)


Sep. 10th, 2007 02:27 pm
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My great-grandmother and her five sisters:

Marjorie Martha
Thora Jane
Neta Hildred
Rhoda Emily May
Alice Ruth
Woodburn Leila

Yes. Woodburn. I don't know. She always went by Leila, or Lee. My grandmother once told me that she was named Woodburn because she was being baptised, and they couldn't think of a name for her, and there was a stove in the room called 'Woodburn', so they named her that. I have no idea if that's actually true.
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What do you think of these girls' names? The last name is Thompson.



Sep. 10th, 2007 05:36 pm
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I was looking through my brother's school photos, and I noticed there are 2 kids with the name 'Jade' in his year.
A boy, and a girl.
Which do you prefer it on, if either?
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New name time!

Yes, I've currently got 2 middle names for each one. If that bugs you, try to look past it and give me an opinion on the names themselves, not on the number.

Chloe Kathryn Shea
Claire Esther Leigh

Jack Elisha Michael [Elisha is Ee-lye-sha, and yes it is a boys name. lol]
William Gabriel Douglas

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