Aug. 19th, 2007

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Ok so I really love some Irish/Gaelic names but am having some issues. I live New York and I think that if I used these names with their traditional gaelic spellings..a lot of people will have no idea how to pronounce them. I have a name that I had to correct the pn of all the time (esp when I was in school) and although it was a hassle, it never made me dislike my name.

So I'm going to give you guys my fav gaelic girls names and then the "American" spellings of them that I can think of.

What do you think of these names and if you had to pick a spelling...which would u pick. If you think of any other alternative let me know.

Caoimhe -  Keeva  (pn. Key-vah)

Niamh - Neve - Nieve  (pn. Nee-v)

also i saw this one on an Irish site once but im not 100% its acutally Irish. I've seen some variation but I'm listing it anyway bc im confused about spelling

Neela - Neala - Neila  (pn Nee-lah)

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I was looking at a local hospital's birth list for the month that I'm due.
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A friend-of-a-friend named their new daughter Harper Jane. I decided I liked it. What do you think? I've never heard it before.
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My grandparents are from a little town in Arkansas. We have visited several times in the last few years for family functions. When my great aunt passed away I took some time to explore the local cemetary (I love cemetaries). Aside from the unusual headstones (people had made their own with bricks) and the underground fire that had been burning for fifty years, one name in particular stood out to me. Evil L. _____. I thought, who the hell names their daughter Evil? Well, on the next trip I asked my grandma about her. Apparently her name was Evil Lee ____. No one pronounced it E-Vill. It was ehvel and everyone called her ehvelee (kind of like Emily with a v instead of an m, it was apparently a version of Evelyn). I thought it was strange at first, but it has grown on me. I didn't like the spelling, though. Since its pronounced like reveille (the sunrise bugle call) I changed it to Eveille. I'm not sure I'd ever use it on a real person, but I think it sounds pretty and its certainly unique.

Any thoughts?
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If you HAD to have a sibset of names from one particular country or culture...what would you pick?

Please feel free to comment on my sibset also

Mine would be Irish...not only b/c I am 3/4 Irish but I think they have great names.

Tadhg (pn Tiger without the -er)

Caoimhe/Keeva/Keva - (pn Key-vuh)
Niamh/Neve - (pn Nee-v)
Neila/Neela (pn Nee-lah)

btw i know this would be a huge sibset...I just listed all my favorite Irish names lol. You don't have to list as many!
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