Aug. 14th, 2007


Aug. 14th, 2007 10:52 am
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So I'm reading this book and one of the male character's names is Kisten. I would assume its said the same way as Kristen just without the r. lol.  

anyway, was just wondering what you thought about it :)
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1- What are your thoughts on the name Rock? I first heard it on Hell's Kitchen and didn't think I'd like it, but it suits him.

2- What name, other than Mabel, might have the nn Mabs?

Thanks much.


Aug. 14th, 2007 12:22 pm
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The other day at the grocery store I heard a mother yelling for her daughter and called her by the name of Jayda Caprice ( I have no idea how to spell this.. It was pronounced like Cah-preese)  I've never heard of Caprice before but I think it's a really cute name.  Have any of you heard of it? What do you think of it?

Also.. what do you guys think of the name Kristen Elizabeth?  Is it too old fashioned?

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I have come to the conclusion that my list is too long and I think I should narrow it down. The problem is that I am having a hard time doing that.

So I would like your help

I know this list is long but if you could let me know what you think of these names and which you would eliminate I would really appreciate it.

Also I just want to say thanks for all the name advice since I feel like I post here a lot lol....and also I do not plan on having kids for many try...if you take the trendy factor out of some of these names.


Thanks for the help
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Not too long ago I got an idea for an original fiction story, and the first thing I started doing was planning out names. Then I got caught up in the back-to-school flurry (I started back Monday), and I haven't felt like working on it. I flicked through my notebook instead of doing homework and really just want to start over, including names, since I threw them together at about 2:30 in the morning. So I thought I'd ask you guys for suggestions and what you think of the current names I have:

Family 1 (last name Morrison):
Mother: Danielle
Father: Sean
They have three kids, Riley Jean (this is the only name I really love), Carissa Paige, and Leanne Aubrey

Family 2 (last name Clark):
Mother: Vivian
Father: Austin
They have two kids, Anthea Jordan (goes by Jordan) and Gavin Nicholas

And then three other guys, not related:
Jett Weston Collins
Samson Derek Reynolds
Jace Ian Miller

I'm not so good with being brief, but if you need a short character description for any of them I can try. I'm open to all suggestions! Thanks in advance :)

Name Ideas

Aug. 14th, 2007 05:32 pm
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Baby Number 2 is on the way right now. So, I'm making a list of names for the hubby that I am considering for the baby and then he approves or disapproves accordingly. My name list is a bit long so I'm wondering if you guys could help narrow it down for me. However, before you do read it, I'm going to warn you that I like odd names and geek names (like Elven names and names from fantasy books) as well as Scottish/Gaelic origin names, so please be gentle with the criticism. My husband is equally, if not more so, a geek than me, so I know he'll approve of most of these on my list. We are both also very into the Gaelic origins of names (I am obsessed with Scotland and the history of it). The point is, I just want to narrow the list down. :D

Things to know:
My oldest is 8 months and his name is Gavin.
We don't know yet if it's a boy or a girl and we probably won't find out until it's born. Not quite sure yet though.
I chose middle names after I have the first name figured out. Gavin's middle name is Joseph after my husband's middle name.

Thanks again for your comments. They're much appreciated.

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Here are some recent baby names from from three Columbus, Ohio hospitals: 

Aug. 1
Bryce Dallas
Isabelle Maria
Caleb Elliott-Charles
Berlynn Marina-Nichole
Aaron Clay
Mouhamed Nazir
Avery Elizabeth
Claire Madalyn
Grace Sophia
Cayden Dean
Joshua Anthony
Alvin Lewis
Jordan Dean
Syndey Elizabeth
Cory Matthew
Layal Grace
Sean Blake
Ainsley Madison
Cameron Reid
Norrissa Shantel Lenae

Aug. 2
Steven William
Liberty Belle
Adriaunna Michelle
Issac Allen
Jacob Cale
Jack David
Jalah Renae
Jackson Hunter
Sofia Grace
Jasiya Marann
Taylor Ann
Amaya Blondyn
Gage Ward
Tayis Aubrey
Danielle Christine
Ella Bonnie
Jeremiah Allen
Maria Ziccardi
Adrian Massey
Lauren Ashlee
Alexis Marie
Sharnexe Renee
Ethan Alexander

Aug. 3
Adam Mathew
Xzavier Thomas
Linden Donovan
Sophia Don
Delana Gene
Savanna Briar
Grant Noah
Aleigha Joy melody
Heaven Leann
Isabella Marie
Grace Marie
Pharoah-John Donald
Jahquez Evontae (accent over the last e)
Joseph Paul
Destiny Laura
Aleya Marie

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What TV show do you think has the best names for their characters.

Two come to mind for me.

I put a * next to the ones that are on my long favorites list. And no...they are not on my list b/c of these shows lol.

One Tree Hill

Greys Anatomy

Isobel (Izzie) *

Dan is a middle name I'd love to use (Daniel)
Preston, Derek + Callie have all come and gone from my list...but may return
I'd love the name Mark if I didn't know too many ppl with it.
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This is my first post. So I figured I would start with my list of names...

boys and girls... )
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