Jul. 24th, 2007

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No kids, no immediate plans for kids...but I love names. I am looking for middle name options for Noa (female). Any ideas?

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i'm nowhere near actually having children, but that doesn't mean i can't plan anyway, right?

i like girls' names that are ageless. that is to say, where they don't seem out of place on an infant, a child, a teen, an adult, or an older person. i also like a trace of family in them. and not too commonright now i'm mostly concentrating on the following names (names marked with * are family names): lindsey, janette*, caroline*, margaret*, elizabeth* (possible nn eliza), avery, katherine* (as a note, i would not use "margaret janette", "elizabeth janette", or "katherine elizabeth" because my family already has those).

for boys, i've recently discovered that using names that aren't family names almost feels wrong somehow. some are ok, but i really prefer the family ones. here's what i have: charles*, jay*, tyler*, conde* (that's two syllables, for the record), thurston* (wouldn't use it as a first name though), edward*.

any suggestions for combinations? the last name is Paul, which is probably an important factor...
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Hi all!

I'm not getting too heavy into thinking of names until I know if it's a boy or a girl (That makes it 50% easier, right? =]  ).
Anyway, my hubby is a history professor and a huge military history buff, particularly WWII.
I mentioned to him that, if we have a boy, we can give him the middle name Patton after the general.  He thinks that's very cool and was surprised that I liked it.

What do you folks think?
I don't have a first name picked out yet, so I'll also take suggestions that go well with Patton (if you support that middle name!)

BTW, I love this community - so fun!

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