Jul. 9th, 2007

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I am a name advisor for one of the largest baby names databases on the internet, so I think it goes without saying that names are my thing. I absolutely adore them.

Unfortunately, that means that I spend a lot of time skimming books and websites and plopping any name that I even slightly appreciate on my favorites list. It is actually at all all time low right now, but it's still ridiculously long. I apologize!

What do you think?
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If a really popular, trendy female - the type that have dozens of friends, cheerleading, bunch of school activities/hobbies & a loner geek and/or nerd who doesn't care about popular things had a baby, what type of name do you think they would use?

I can see the popular one wanting to use something popular, cool, fashionable - while I can picture the non-popular one wishing to stay away from the trend and wanting something more unique.

[Poll #1018008]

Any reason as to why you picked the one you did? It's for a story I might write & also I am just curious.
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Some web friends of mine have had their babies in the last year. The moms' age ranges from 20 to 23. Here are the babies' names:

London Rayne (girl)
Abraham (goes by Abe) Scot (one t)
Kya Rayanne

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I've posted a few times here but I've added a lot to my fave names list!
More. )
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What are some names that have Ana as a nickname. I like Anastasia but only pronounced (Ana-stay-see-ya) not (Ana-staysh-a), and I know that if a child was named Anastasia more than likely they'd be called the latter and eurghhh. Anyway, help please =D

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I'm pregnant and trying to find a first name for the baby. I'm not sure what I'm having so we have boy and girl names picked out.
The only problem is that I want a name that will shorten into a nickname. Like Daniel-Dan, Michael-Mike. Do you see any nicknames with the names here that aren't like log, or car?

Names we like:

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His last name is 'Hell'. Apparently his parents or grandparents were immigrants from Austria, and in German 'Hell' just means 'very light'. I even believe it's a fairly common name there, but I'm not sure about that.
I think it's ridiculous, though, to refuse a boy because of his name.
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what do we think of the name Adelaide?
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Does anyone know how to pronounce the Dutch surname "D'Ooge"?
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Stellinor. y/y?

It combines the quiet dignity of Eleanor (Roosevelt) with the sort of outwardness of Stanley yelling "Stella, Stella! Stella for Star!" (Stellinor for Stellar, though) even while hinting at Poe's rare and radiant maiden. A name for the modern woman who is not afraid to shout "Here I am world! Hit me with your best shot!" except without Pat Benatar's ugly 80's haircut.
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Ok...so I have red hair and have had it for my entire life. It is very prominent in my family and theres a good chance that whenever I have kids...they may have red hair.

So the question is...whether or not my kids are redheads...I always will be.

Would it be a good or a bad idea to name my future daughter Scarlett?

What do you think.
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