Jul. 1st, 2007

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I just have this feeling that I am going to name my daughter, whenever I have her, Aurelia.  I love the name, obviously, but I'm kind of stuck on nickname name ideas.  What do you think?  I want something different other than Lia, while I like the name Leah, I just don't really want to call my daughter that.  I've also thought of Aure which I guess would be said Uh-real.  I was just wondering what you guys could come up with.
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So I'm really bored and saw someone do this earlier so I'll just post some family names of my aunts/uncles and cousins and see what you all think..


So there's a lot more little girls in my family than boys.. But I was just wondering what names you all liked.  I would really like to use a family name in my baby's name somehow but I don't really know what I like yet.

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seen on the food network:

Gulbin (girl)

i googled it & found it is a German last name... seems a little harsh for a female name?


Jul. 1st, 2007 02:04 am
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I always enjoy checking around here, and thought it was high time I submitted my own list.

I'm years off from having any kids, but my SO and I have narrowed down our favorites to:
Gabriel Sebastian James
Isabella Virginia Snow OR Isabella Virginia Claire
Georgia Theophila Claire OR Georgia Theophila Snow OR Theophila Victoria Claire/Snow

I personally like Theophila as a first name but I guess it's pushing it on weirdness, though she could go by Thea.. I could see it as a boys' maybe, with the nickname Theo: Theophilus Matthias something, and Georgia Victoria Claire.

Would another arrangement be better?

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Seen this one on a woman on TV:


I think is strange and sounds like anemia the iron deficincy.

Also I was at some family gathering and there was a little Mattieu. Thats french Matthew. Genius O_o not. The mother kept yelling "Maa-t-eww" "Maa-t-eww" I hated it! Its like so nasal and "Achooooooo" sounding. O god.
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Boy: ? Alexander LaPierre
Girl: ? Isabella LaPierre

I love those for middle names, not so much as first names though. WDYT?
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I'm trying to find a good middle name for Garrett. Any ideas?


Jul. 1st, 2007 07:48 pm
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Here are the names of some of  the twins my brother, mother and I have known. What do you think?

Sarah & Sophie
Sarah & Louise
Sarah & Katherine (Kate)
Sara & Rachael
Leanne & Amanda
Kristin & Carol
Casey & Hayley
Ji-Yoon & So-Haun
Colleen & Bernadette

Marcus & Brett
Cameron & Morgan
Ryan & Nick
Mark & Lester

Logan & Lauren
Hohepa & Katana
Christopher & Kathryn
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The past two weeks, I was a counselor at a music camp, and these were some of the unusual and less common names of the girls I lived with.

Entering 7th grade

Entering 10th grade
Jana (pronounced YAH-nah)
Severina (nickname Sevy)


Jul. 1st, 2007 09:29 pm
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We chose Connor, for our new little guy:

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My boyfriend and I are constantly talking about baby names...even though we are nowhere near having kids...

Right now our favorite is: Lily Ryan

Lily is the first name and Ryan the middle (my brothers name).

Other names we like:

Calel - boy/girl
Jorah - girl
Phinn - boy
Atticus - boy
Kya - girl
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its late and I'm bored so i thought i'd post some
family names )
i dont know very many middle names, and some of them are a little...old fashioned?
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Semi-inspired by the post about using Coolidge as a name.

I am not a fan of the new... I dont think it's big enough to be called a trend, but the using of names like Monet and Emerson and etc. as first and middle names for children. I know lots of names can be surnames too (or vice versa.) But for the most part, I think longer names that don't have a history of being used as first names shouldn't be used as first names.

Of course, I find myself breaking my own rule. One of my life goals was to give author Kurt Vonnegut a hug, because he changed my life. He died a few days before my birthday this year, and it was the first time I've ever cried over a human death. I'm not a fan of many boys names, but would someday like to honor this amazing man who I've never met, and I want it to be known exactly who I'm honoring.

So what does everyone think about using Vonnegut as a first name? Even if it does get used, it has a least 10 more years of name limbo to go through. I could also very easily use names like Jonah, Malachi, Kurt, Winston, etc as a way of paying homage to him, but I don't think many people would catch on (and really, I can't warm up to naming a child Kilgore.)

Kurt Vonnegut Jr., of course, would probably think it very stupid for anyone to name a child honoring him, especially someone he never met, but right now im interested in your opinion.
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