Jun. 29th, 2007

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Ok...so my favorites list has been changing a lot lately.

I have posted some of these before but this is the updated short favorites list.

Leila Marie
Amelia Grace
Natalie Jean
Isabelle Rose
Malaya Faith

The top 3 are the most recent additions to the list.

I love Isabelle but do believe it is getting way too common for my taste. However, I do not plan on having children for years so I would really only name my daughter Isabelle it wasn't as trendy when I have kids.

Malaya used to be my #1 favorite but is losing that position to the other 4 names. Guess my taste is changing a bit. It is still on the list but idk.

thoughts? opinions? please! hehe. I love hearing what everyone here has to think.
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I am interested if people know what they would have been named if they would have been born the other gender, and if they like that name. I would have been Charles Robert nn Charlie. I like these names but I don't think I would use them.
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WDYT of the name Severine (for a girl)? Pronounced Sev-reen.

I'd never heard of it before until I was browsing a tennis website and saw a French tennis player with that name.

I think it's rather cute.
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Would you name your daughter


Which pronounciation do you like better?  Ka-TREE-Ah or KA-tree-ah?

What would be a good middle name to go with Catria?


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So i was going through our patients names at the office i work at and I found some cool and interesting ones. Thought I'd share :)

starred ones are ones i myself like or would use :)
(m)= it was a male with the name :)

Zolton (m)
Arie (m)*-i like it better on a girl though
Kendrick (m)
Booker (m)
Marcelo (m)
Benedicto (m)
Felix (m)
Saul (m)
Audrey* -hehe makes me think of little shop of horrors XD
Robyn* -but i like robin better
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I had decided on a name for my soon-to-be daughter, and now I sit here nearly 39 weeks... and I have a very strong feeling that I am going to change my mind when she is born. I feel like I'll know for sure when I see her, but my mom is making me feel really badly for even considering changing the middle name.

Is it okay to change the baby's name when they're born from the name you "decided" on prior to that? Even if you told EVERYONE?

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Jun. 29th, 2007 05:23 pm
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I've practically killed myself all afternoon looking for an entry post that was written a few months ago (I believe in April-May) and I can't seem to find it. It was a link to a website, I believe, and the subject was "Dark Names." Please, help me find it. Or if the author of the entry is reading this, please let me know how I can find that link!! Thank you!!

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Can anyone suggest some middle names for the name Allison?
I thought of Allison Olivia and Allison Rae (Rae is my mn) but I'm not sure on either of those. Not sure they sound right, it's just what came up.

I'm reading a book and one of the main characters is Allison (Allie) and for some reason the name is growing on me at the moment. So when a name sticks with me I tend to go through and make combinations with it in my head, for no reason at all other then the fact that I just enjoy doing this.

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Which first names do you think fit with the middle name:


Honestly, I probably wouldn't use the name, but I am curious as to what you think would sound good paired with it. I haven't had any luck coming up with anything I actually like. The background behind this is that I had a Biology teacher in HS who was thinking of using it as a first name for his son, but he ended up going with Lucas. Ever since then, I have thought it was kind of a cool name. I would never use it as a first name, but I would consider it as a middle.

So, this is more about possible name combos than a question of how much you like or hate the name. Like I said, I probably will never use it for my own kids, but I thought this would be fun.

Now get to work!
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I'm bored so i thought i'd post here the names of all the children in my family :)

Behind here )
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Just realized that I've never posted my favorites. I don't have many.


"Freddy" (from Alfred or Frederick)
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What does everyone think of this name? I'm really starting to like it.
I don't like any nicknames for it though (Lettie or Scar), just Scarlett on it's own.

We're getting a child with this name coming up to school in september, so i'm sure she'll make or break the name for me depending on how nice she is :P.
Speaking of that, don't you hate how you can love a name and then meet someone you're not fond of with that name, which then puts u off it completely.
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