Jun. 26th, 2007


Jun. 26th, 2007 01:37 am
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Relorhi - one of my former co-workers was named this and I thought it was kind of nice.
She pronounced it Ruh-LAW-rye.
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This game was fun last time I posted :)

If i were to have an 'insta-family' tomorrow (and have a whole bunch of kids) i would name them:

Mary Elizabeth - both family names - called: ML or Mary Liz
Emalie Maeve - called Emalie Maeve or Miley
Campbell Grace - called Ella Grace
Peyton Tennessee - Called Peyton

Thomas Aidan - both family names - called: Tom, Tommy or Aidan
Hudson Finn - called Finn
Brennan Callaghan - called Brennan or Cal

ML, Tom, Emalie Maeve, Ella Grace, Peyton, Finn and Brennan

Other names i love:


What do you think????

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Jun. 26th, 2007 02:08 pm
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Hello, my name is Chrissy (short for Crystal-Dawn). I'm pregnant with our 3rd child and we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl yet. We have 2 older daughters, Baylynn & Madison. Any suggestions? My husband likes the name Dino Enzo for a boy. I told him he's lost his naming rights.

I've been thinking for a girl, maybe Savannah Melinda, but still not sure.

Again...any suggestions welcomed. :)
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Lately I've been thinking about possibly naming my kids something like this:

Edward Daniel, and I would call him Ed or Ed D

Emma Liana, or Emily

Any suggestions/comments?
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Today I had a Russian student and her name was Olesea, but her consultant had registered her as Alessia (common italian female name, "Ah-LESS-ee-ah") because it's pronounced just the same. How weird is that?

(In Italian Olesea would be "Oh-leh-zeh-ah")
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My sister just gave birth:

Jaya Renae.

Jaya joins a sister, Kaelyn Marie, a brother, Ashton Michael, and two cousins (my brother's children, not mine), Katherine Sistina Skye and MaKenzi Renee (yeah, yeah, I didn't name the kid, don't care).

Well, do your worst.
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I thought it might be interesting to post the most populair names of 2007 here in The Netherlands. Because it's so different from other name lists here. And because there are very Dutch names on it ;) Here we go:
Onto the Dutch names )
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I have taken a liking to the name Destin, for boy or girl. l also happen to love Destin, Florida, so being a "city name" isn't an issue with me.

So what do you think.....boy or girl?

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Over the past couple days, I've come across some different names to share.

Adorable identical twins names Mya & Marley. And their older sister was called Maddie, but I'm not sure if it's short for Madeline or Madison, or what. Didn't think to ask.

Ani, nn for Andrea and pronounced AH-nee, not like Annie.

Kartez [m]

Alcee [m]

And my personal favorite, Farae'lijah [f]. LoL No one could figure out how to pronounce that one until she said it. It's basically Farrah followed by the ending of Elijah. My co-worker brought up the whole "4real" thing and said names like that shouldn't be allowed either. LoL

That's all. :-)
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What do you guys think of the name Leila.
- Do you like it better as Leila or Layla
- any ideas for a middle name for it?
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These are the ones I disliked the most:

Miley Marie
Ja' Taiza
Laniya Olivia
Zoe Raychele Nicole
Anttonique Divine
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