Jun. 25th, 2007

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I also checked my hometown's website today and there was mostly 'normal' and 'popular' names.

All but "Zayden"
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I really like the name Elizabeth. I know some people think it is boring, but I like it because you can get to many other names out of it. My name is like that, and I've always appreciated having choices. But here is the catch. It is my cousin's name. She has always gone by Libby, a derivative I would never use. Her sister recently named her baby Elizabeth as well, and also calls the baby Libby. She may be having another baby, and will most likely use my name if it is a girl. (Not after me, she just likes the name.) I my cousins are a good 15 years older than I am rarely see this side of the family. So, in your opinion, is Elizabeth off limits?
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So I was watching "Jon and Kate plus 8" on TLC and thought I would post the names of their kids. For those of who do not know, John and Kate are a couple in Pennsylvania who have 6 year old twin girls and 6 2 year olds.

Here are their names. Twins first and then the 2 year olds:


I have to say...the only name that I do not like is Joel. I like Mady spelt better as Maddie but w/e

Gotta say..good name choice overall I think. What about you?
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A friend of mine and his girlfriend had their daughter last week. I just found out the name:

Jaylahnyc Kori'Annah My-Love

FN pronounced Jay-La-Niece

The other two are her middle names.

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Although my boyfriend, Casey, and I are nowhere near making babies, we have discussed baby names a lot and have come up with the names we'd choose.

Avalanche Joseph (he whittled me on it until I finally came up with this compromise - AJ, Avi, etc.)
Samuel Berwick
Beatrice Cathrine
Madeline Casey (This may sound stupid but I really, really want my youngest to be a girl named Madeline so I can say "the smallest one is Madeline")

All the middle names are family names. Joseph is generally a first name, but Casey doesn't like the name (too common) so I have to use it as a middle name. Berwick is my grandmother's maiden name and is generally used as middle name now. Cathrine is the name of my mother and my sister. And I think you can figure out Casey.
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I recently caught up with a good friend from home and realised how odd her name actually is! I've known her since we were really young, so it's never occured to me before. The name?

Trieste (prn Tree-est (rhymes with 'best')

It's the name of a city. It totally suits her cos she's a little quirky. WDYT?

If you had to choose a name of a city, state or country what would you pick? I'm not that fussed on them but I do like Dakota and Georgia. Paris is soooo overused these days (and with the connection to Paris Hilton I think the name is now a little trashy)
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Penelope Sabrina Hazzard

Penny for short.
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I re-read this past weekend one of my favorite book series and wrote down all the names i came across that I like very much & those i like a little bit.

WYT? )
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my son loves the Disney channel, so i decided to see which names people would actually use on their kids lol... i've included some of the cast's real names, too.


Maddie (Madeline)

Anneliese (she pronounces this Anna-lisa)
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what are your thoughts on the name

Asa Ryan?
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I am not a fan of "matchy" or themed twin or sibling names. But I find myself really liking the names Elizabeth (nn Eliza) and Erik lately. I think that they sound nice together as twin names or sibset. I feel like I may be breaking one of my hard and fast rules here, but the soft El- and -th or -a sounds seem different enough from the hard Er- and -k sounds. Are these names too similar to be paired?
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How would you spell kah-mor-a?
Kamora or Kimora?


Jun. 25th, 2007 09:27 pm
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my son is in bed, all my housework is done, what else to do but post to baby_names? haha.... soooo, here's a poll, because MTV is on in the background & a commercial for the new Real World (where you vote in the people) was just on. okay... i'm really messed up with this Rich Text editor, so excuse me if this doesn't work at first! :( poll... )
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A friend of mine is having a little girl she is due in the middle of August her and her boyfriend are naming her Devyn. When I firts heard this I thought  Devyn for a girl and with a Y! but it has grown on me what do you think?

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Forget trends and the opinions of others; don't worry about rude nicknames or how popular (or unpopular) it may be....If you could change your name to ANYTHING, what would it be?
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When I was a kid I kept spiral notebooks filled with names. I'd run down the alphabet (i.e. A names, B names, etc). I've picked up the habit again after 15 years and there are very few repeats from the old days! However, there are a few letters I came up short for and am looking for suggestions. I'm pretty liberal with names. I like some boys names and girls and some girl names on boys. I like surnames as first names. I like interesting without being insane:)

Any ideas would be appreciated
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Jewel - from Colombia
Amy - part Scottish, part Maltese
Eriona - don't know where she's from, but somewhere Latin I think.

WDYT of their names? I thought Jewel was only a singer's name and I'd never ever heard of Eriona.
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