Jun. 23rd, 2007

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So after seeing the hospital posts, I wondered if my local hospital did the same. I checked the website and they only provide the first name and last initial. So here are the first names.

Alfonso (reminds me of my dads middle name, Alonzo)
Diego (It's alright)
Bryce (kinda cute)
Aedan (ick, I do like the name but not spelled that way. Super trendy though)
Rylan (ick)
Caitlin (I like it with a K)
Gauge (kinda like it, not sure why)
Gavin (I know a super weird kid with this name)
Aubrey (It's alright)
Caitlynn (don't like this spelling)
Chloe (ruined by a girl from high school)
Elijah (cute but I wouldn't use)
Allison (one of my former best friends name, don't really like it to much)
Shelby (really outdated, imo)
Cheyenne (hate hate hate this name)
Landon (super cute)
Skyelar (wth, this spelling is horrid)
Kaytlynn (really don't like this spelling)
Nolan (cute)
Rishabh (I'm assuming it's Indian, we have a large population from India)
Ryleigh (horrid spelling, probably on a girl which makes it even more horrid)
Adelynn (is this even a name? It's like they liked Madeline and left the M off and misspelled it)
Weston (I kinda like but I've had the name ruined)
Amber (don't like)
Madison (trendy and not very pretty imo)
Alyssa (it's alright)
Asher (cute!)
Karson (ick)
Jaden (I liked it at one point but it's getting ridiculous)
Jasiah (huh?)
LaKaylie (horrid)
Bryleigh (horrid)
Abigail (It's alright but I don't particularly like it)
April (it's ok)
Lydia (ruined by a girl from high school)
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Here are some names from the birth announcements in the paper today:

Myah Dorothy (siblings: Reilly, Taelor, Liam)
Denver James (sister: Irelyn)
Isabella Antonella (brothers: Michael, Anthony)
Tylor Joseph
Seth Kenneth (sisters: Sienna, Sabine)
Julia Francesca
Laura Elizabeth (siblings: Caleb, Jay, Rebecca, Kathrine)
Reese Kennedi
Cole James, Brett Charles, Jake Garrett (sister: Jenna)
Jacob Luciano Oliviero
Julia Elizabeth (siblings: Lauren, Alex, Adam)
Evangeline Faith
Ava Elizabeth
Liam James Robert (sisters: Lexi, Delaney)
Devon Laura Marie (sisters: Brandy, Jessica)
Jacob Andrew
Bryden Rayne
Nicholas Joseph (brother: Jack)
Lola Mia (sisters: Alexia, Salina)
Danica, Julia (brother: Dante)
Niklas Edward (brother: Tyler)

Thoughts? Comments?
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What are your favorite Twin/Triplet name sets? I never really thought about it until earlier the other day watching TV, and I honestly have no 'cute but not corny' ideas. Most of mine ended up being my favorite names, haha. Nothing that 'fit nicely'.

Opinions on twin names? Silly things like alliteration or male/female names?

In my opinion, overly corny Examples:
Virginia and Georgia
Michael and Michelle
Jack and Diane
James and Jane
Casey and Stacy
Taylor and Tyler
Charles and Charlotte
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I posted this as a comment i another post but I figured I'd post it to share here too..

These are the twins i know or knew

Lauren and Colleen- twin girls i knew when i was little.
Maria and Sophia- REALLY greek twin girls i knew when i was little.
Ashley and Dakota- they are my new twin cousins, 2 girls.
Toye (pn toy) and Liza- Boy-Girl twin friends of my younger brothers.
Samantha and Julianna- 2 other twin girls who are my second cousins. 

The rest are sets of twins my sister knows JUST in her grade x.x .. sheesh its a lot.
Sabrina and Julia
Dale and John
Thomas (Tom) and Lynn
Jennifer (Jen) and William (Billy)
Catherine and Christine but Catherine goes by Caitlin
Katie and Alexa
Rachael and Ashley
Gia and Angela

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I've been a member of the community for a while and finally decided it was time to make a post.  I'll post my list of favorite names later on because my lists are currently uneven (6 boys and 5 girls) and it's bothering me.  Today, I come with the gift of names from southeast Texas.  Seems everyone here is obsessed with punctuation.  These are names from the list of kids born in one area hospital over three months that I found interesting (AKA - weird) and/or had never heard of.  I find I have a rather liberal policy on names, as well, but these go beyond me.

Le'Marque                                       Ananjay
Elyna                                            Theressal
Jasiryian                                        J'Deah
Ty'rell                                            Kei'Mon
Dontayvia                                     Quarmaine
De'Yanni                                      Joyrenel
Jarael                                           Demaria (and Demari)
Kenry                                            A'Mylie
Ty'ana                                           Rayce
Aurion                                           Atorian
Jamari                                          Ke'Ana
Dan'Ati                                         Callerian
Camora                                       Re'Sheandre
Ardumn                                        D'Andre
Aubreyon                                     Taveon
Kalby                                            Maaricio
Audric                                           Yovany
Jayven                                          Sabelle
Dakarai                                        Sa'Riya
Elihu                                             Terrika
Rondell                                        RaMyah
Xavion                                          Candido
Ausitn (typo, I hope)                   Yoselen
Janiya                                           Kamora
Ca'Myra                                        Makenzi'

The name that I saw that really shocked, though, me was the name "A".  The more interesting part is that the site also gives the first initial of the last name, and it's M.  So, on the website it only says A M.
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Just heard about a baby girl born recently.....

Neenuh Lylyen

Took me about 3 minutes to figure out WTF Lylyen was.
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