Jun. 22nd, 2007

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Hello everyone! Let me just say that I am married but we have our childrens' (or future children) names picket out yet I still LOOOVE names and I write a lot of short stories that hopefuly get published every now and then, With that said I will go on to the names

I am currently in love with 2 names that are kind of plain:

Molly Jane


Marie Jane


Jane Marie 


I think you get the picture. I'd love it if you could spice up those names by using them in your own name combos. Technically all you have to do is use, Molly, Jane or Marie as middle or first name. Maybe the name I like the best will be the main character of my next short story and I will give a nice mention! Thanks!

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Hello, my name is Elizabeth (Elizabeth Michele, to be exact) and I am one of those people who joined here when the spotlight came about. I decided not to post when it first happened because well... I knew there were like 100 posts a day for the first two or so weeks, so I decided to give it some time before annoying you. I have been a name collector since I was young (I still have all the lists from when I was probably 11 on), so I <3 names. Now that I am engaged and we are discussing our future kids names I am giddy to be able to share them.

Boys )

Girls )

the * means names that we have agreed on as a couple. We have come to the decision that we want to give our children names that are Jewish and Italian, as that is what our family lines identify with. It is REALLY hard to combine them though, as there are plenty of names that in with -a/ah and they sound ridiculous. And as a silly aside I am sad that my last name is going to start with J and so most of the J names I really adore are out the window because they sound vaguely silly together. Alas, you live, you learn. (and then you get Luvs).

And not to ramble uselessly, but I work at a preschool and that has been a good and bad things when it comes to names. Certain names, I am pretty sure, are ruined for good for me because they will forever be associated with you know, THAT kid who drove me up the wall. Occupational hazard I guess.
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More customer names I've noticed:

-Dee Wren (on a man)
-Delois (duh-LO-iss...ugh)
-Delyott (DEL-ee-ut)
-Dieniel (somehow still pronounced like Daniel; not a typo, I saw the guy's credit card)
-Dorres (ugh)
-Elexandrew (actually not a customer, but a coworker's relative; she asked if I'd ever heard of the name before, and I said I had not; I looked it up on Google and it seems it was a legitimate first name at one time)
-Leorna (male)
-Javeier (guys, come on, guys)
-Josa (male)
-Leno (poor man)
-Linnie Bliss (very sweet old woman)
-Linnie Ray (female; from a very rich local family)
-Lubov (female; not even remotely foreign; very thick Brooklyn accent, though)
-Meares (male; mother's maiden name, maybe?)
-Melville (big reader?)
-Oizel (not foreign)
-Orval Junior (his middle name was, in fact, Junior)
-Shary Keil (male, and not foreign)
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Some of my friends names!

What do you think?

Leigh Rachanee (ratch-ah-nee)
Julia Alexandrina
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I was watching Spongebob Squarepants (I swear this is relevant) and Mr. Krabs' Mom called him by his first name, Eugene. No offense to anyone with the name, but it struck me as a particularly nerdy name, especially when I remembered Eugene, the lovable nerd from Hey Arnold.

So, discussion. What names are, in your own opinion, nerdy names? For a boy, I'm thinking along the lines of Eugene and Sheldon (still watching Spongebob here). For a girl, it's a bit harder for me, but Eunice (She's The Man) seemed pretty nerdy to me.

I repeat again, no offense to anyone with these names.
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i'm a girl (obviously)
born in the 80s
i am not named after anyone in my family (not my first name, anyway)

anyway, guess away!!! (no cheating ;P)

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