Jun. 16th, 2007

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hey! I used to be really active in the community, but stopped ever since it was in lj spotlight. hahah. but anyway, I haven't posted my name list in a while, so i guess i will.


Willa Iris
Harper Camilla or
Harper Louisa
Isobel Kathleen
Elia Iris
Joannah Austen
Mathilda Kathryn
Nico Lila


Cyrus Jude
Wyatt Holden
Henry Thatcher
Beckett Jackson
Wilder Holden
Callum Thatcher
Sebastien Bennett
Gideon Jude

I'm fond of older/literary names.
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I have this friend, drop dead gorgeous.  Her husband isn't go bad either.  Kristina just had the most beautiful baby girl.

Sadly, the name sucks.

Maysun Cash Ring

Maysun Cash for a girl.  What the fuck is a Maysun?  Mason.  Isn't that typically a boys name?  Ugh.

That poor poor beautiful little girl.


Jun. 16th, 2007 08:30 pm
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what do you guys think of naming a girl Ebony..
I know it's usually thought of as an African American, and it means "dark wood" or "dark beauty". I think its a pretty name but I'm not sure of how it might be looked at..

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Just scanning through my school year book for 2006 while i should be working on major assignments...as you do of course.
And i came across some interesting names, mostly in years below mine, and some of our favourite kre8tif spellings. Some of these aren't bizzare as such, but i have not seen them around here as much as others.
A few of the boys names i had previously associated with girls [tory, mackenzie].

cut for names...it's quite a long list )

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